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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy Summer!

Happy summer everyone! Although we already quite had a few summer days, now it's official. The first week of summer we had a true heatwave, oye! But last weekend it was cooling off already. 

And guess what? This week we're going to Italy! Now I'm not so sad that the warmth has dropped here since we'll have lots of sun ahead!


Monday, June 26, 2017

A Cloudy Sunday

I can now spend my Sundays however I want since I'm done with university. Last weekend I was in Arnhem until Sunday eve. It was a super warm and sunny weekend and we spent the whole Saturday at the spa.

This weekend however, was a bit more cloudy and rainy even. My Saturday was fully booked but I spent the Sunday as I wanted it. Reading the weekend edition of a newspaper, swimming in my new gym and sweating in the sauna next to the pool. I absolutely love my new gym and I think it's really worth its money.

I bought some new books for our vacation and I already started on one. Love these Sundays, sunny or not!


Friday, June 9, 2017

We Are Going To Italy!

Celebrating that we booked our holiday with Pinot Grigio!

We finally booked our holiday and we're already counting down the days to our vacation to the very south of Italy! It's only one year ago since I went to Rome for the second time, but there's never enough of Italy when it comes to vacationing there!

Last year I went to Morocco for my summer holiday, but it wasn't exactly a relaxing vacation as we toured through the country and visited a lot of cities. To top it all off, I climbed the highest mountain of Northern Africa: Mt. Toubkal!

But this year I really wanted something different, I wanted a relaxing vacation. Swimming, eating, napping, tour a little city and repeat. ;-) Really need that after three years of studying. This year during my exams in May, I felt more exhausting than the previous years. Or I forgot how it felt, that's possible too. ;-)

Now I'll have to practice my Italian again since I'm the only one of the two speaking the language!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hey June - School Is Out Forever

I'm back!! Exams are finally over! And after three years of studying new to my fulltime job, I can finally say, school is out forever!! I won't get my results back until August, but that doesn't mean I get to be nervous throughout summer.

I took a couple of weeks "off" (still went to work) by not blogging on here as well. Had absolutely no obligations during my time off, except for cleaning and other household chores. 

Must say that I really missed blogging (as I always do after being absent for a little while) and I have so much to share! A lot of things are going on right now and I can't wait to keep you updated again. I will write about my life, fashion, career, travel and of course other things on my mind as you've been expecting of my.

For now, thank you for sticking around and being patience! As always, you can follow me on my Instagram: @DashinglyElevating. 

Happy June and come back here on Friday for some news!

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