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Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy May - Exams Are Starting!

Happy May!! Do you know what this month is? Exam month!! The first exam week has officially started!! Aaaah! My first exam of the five will be tomorrow afternoon. First exams of the three years that doesn't start at 10 in the morning... I rather have it in the morning and just get it over with...

The exams are spread out in three weeks! Last exam is on the 18th. Counting down the days until I can finally do whatever I want on my free evenings after work and on the weekends. 

This weekend I kept it low key and we stayed in on Friday evening. Saturday breakfast was this lovely spread as you can see above, but then it was studying all day again.

Sunday wasn't any different except that I woke up with a sore shoulder. Again. So in the afternoon I had an hourlong sports massage. Second this month! It feels so so good, especially on the parts I have a knot in my muscles. 

The past few weeks and the coming weeks will be slow on the blog here, and on my instagram as well. But this will be the last straws and we all know the last mile is the longest. After that I'll have time for all the things I've been putting off for months! These will be my very last exams until graduation and I couldn't be more excited. I've worked so hard in the past three years, this is it!

Good luck to all other fellow students all over the world who also have their exams in May!!

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