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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Weekend In Antwerp

Overlooking the big market

Last weekend we took a short (but oh so needed) trip to Antwerp, Belgium. It was really rewarding because we were outside of the country and really away from daily life. In Antwerp, they also speak Dutch, but because of the accent, the different architecture, different food and drinks, we really felt like we were on a short vacation.

We started driving on Friday afternoon after work. Normally it's only a one (!) hour drive from Rotterdam, but we hit a little traffic. Not that we didn't mind it because more songs to sing along to! We only made one stop for gas and Starbuck.
That's what I really love about Europe. Just a few hours driving and you're in a totally different country with a totally different scenery and culture!

Showing how happy he is to be in Antwerp ;-)

This was just the front of a store, no big deal

The Cathedral at night

Because we basically ate and drank our way around Antwerp, I will write another post with all of those pictures. I didn't realize how tired I was (new job, exams in May) until I completely relaxed. And maybe a city trip doesn't sound relaxing, but we took it slow. We did whatever we felt like and didn't overdo anything. We both visited the city several times, so sight seeing wasn't really on our list.

On Sunday I had in mind that we would visit a museum. But we had a relaxed breakfast (thankfully breakfast was until 11 AM at the hotel!) and after strolled around the market. Because it was such good weather, we decided going inside would be a waste. Instead we opted for lunch out on a terrance and I actually got a tan!

All in all, it was the perfect little escape which couldn't have come at a better time!

 Last time I was in Belgium, I was in Ghent for work. You can see the blog post here.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

My First Cartier: Love Ring

I still have to pinch myself. On Wednesday I wrote that my mom and I went shopping after our high tea. Well, we wen't shopping but only had one thing on our minds: Cartier. It was decided that my mom would gift me a Cartier love ring that day and my mouth dropped open. We're just talking, admiring my new Louis Vuitton and then and there she made the decision. She didn't like the ring I was wearing on my left hand (she made me take it off! :P) and went straight to Cartier after finishing our high tea.

Compared to the LV bag, it all happened so fast! A Sales Associated (another sweet one!) helped us and made me try on a couple of sizes of the ring. I knew which one I wanted (the small, yellow gold one) so that was easy. After my mom and I said 'yes' to the ring. We were seated to wait for the gift wrapping. There I filled in the registration form. 

The gift wrapping took a while she explained, because she had to heat up the wax for the seal for the paper. I mean, what a great little touch, right? She gave me the receipt, a certificate and the box (in a box, wrapped in gift paper) and put it in a beautiful red Cartier bag. The best thing? She put the red bag in a white bag (which also closed on top) so no one on the street could see what I was carrying with me. Best thing ever, really!

When I came home, I couldn't wait to unwrap everything and make pictures along as I did. So precious and delicate!

Still can't believe that this has happened to me and that my mom has gifted me the most special gift and so spontaneous too!

Waiting at Cartier

Little tables

Wrote down my personal details

Seriously, the wrapping is so beautiful!

The certificate 

Close up of my Cartier LOVE ring

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

High Tea at Krasnapolsky Amsterdam

High tea at Krasnapolsky

Monday I wrote that I had a really good week last week, and Saturday was no exception. I met with my mom in Amsterdam for high tea at the luxury Krasnapolsky hotel. I happened to be there last week, and the waitress recognized me (and so did I), so nice!

My mom and I love high tea, especially when it involves champagne! No high tea without champagne, am I right? ;-) Loved catching up over delicious little foods and drinks.

The high tea had three courses, but we were already so full after the second course, that we thanked for the third one which was green tea ice cream. First course were all sorts of sandwiches and scones with cream cheese and jams. Second course were all little pastries, cookies, chocolates and scones. Oh my!

After high tea mom and I went for a little shopping which I will write about really soon...

Extra ice cold

Ice cold lemon drink to cleanse are palet 


Monday, March 20, 2017

My New Louis Vuitton: Alma BB in Damier Ebene

My Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene

Last week was a very special week. I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Amsterdam at P.C. Hoofstraat  to buy my very first LV bag. When I was 16 I got a little LV wallet from my mom for Christmas, but this is the real deal.

I was on the hunt for a small cross body (but that could still fit a ton) for a while now. The Gucci Marmont bag was an option too, but the logo was just too 'out there' for me and I wanted something classic. The speedy with a strap (either size 25 or 30) came to mind as well, but I see those on the street so many times! Then it wasn't special anymore. I haven't seen the Alma BB anywhere and I love that I can wear it as a top handle too!

The Damier Ebene has always been my favorite. This is actually designed my Louis Vuitton himself whereas the LV monogram was designed by his son after his death. And also, the monogram is way too screwy for me. Don't like the beige leather either. So the Damier Ebene was an easy choice and for other options I had I watched a ton of Youtube videos. Loved watching 'what fits in my bag' videos on the Alma BB. And really, it's way bigger in real life!

I had to wait for about 25 minutes (it was so busy) and somehow my Sales Associate knew it was my first LV bag. She sat down next to me for a little chat and brought in the Alma BB. I also tried on a Vernis leather color, but thought I would get sick of it after a while. On Youtube I heard to get a good SA because they're everything and that is so true! I absolutely adored mine. She got brought me Moët & Chandon champagne (my favorite!) and I just sat there at the same comfortable chair. She wrapped it beautifully for me, which is of course half the fun! Even payment was done while seated there!

Loved how she rearranged the coffee table for me and even poured in more champagne so I could get the perfect instagram photo. She even downloaded Boomerang on my phone so we could make a cute video of her pouring champagne.

I got my initials hot stamped which makes the bag look even more pretty if you'd ask me!!

Wore the bag to high tea with my mom in Amsterdam on Saturday and wore it for dinner and drinks later that night with a girlfriend. Love that you can wear this bag from day to night.

All in all it took about an hour (from the time it was my turn till I walked out the door) and just the whole experience is sooo great!! Looking at people that are there and to be treated like a royal and walking out the door with that big orange bag is just all an awesome experience.

Coffee table at Louis Vuitton with yummy Moët & Chandon champagne 

Bag, box and receipt

Dust bag in the box

Love my WD initials 


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Cup Short Track In Rotterdam

On Friday evening after work we went to the World Cup Short Track Speed Skating in Ahoy Rotterdam. How cool that it was in my own city? Sometimes I was ice skating on tv. Especially long track world cups or Olympics. Because yeah, we Dutch happen to be very good at ice skating! That was also shown last Friday, where the heats of in both male and female heats, we Dutch got first place in all distances.

Shall I tell you something? I can't ice skate... my mom, stepmom, stepdad and brother can, but I can't... Still wish to learn it someday... Who knows! Friday definitely started that itch again!


It was quiet at take off and then a dance song would be played by the DJ to get us all energized an cheering. There were even disco lights for us to wave with! :P

Dutchie on the left!

Sjinkie Knegt won first place!

All in all it was such a cool experience! Way better than seeing it on tv. Lost my voice the next day from cheering, but it was all worth it!

Monday, March 13, 2017

An Unexpected Dinner In Amsterdam

View as seen from Central Station

On Thursdays I work in Amsterdam and last weekend we got the idea to eat in the city after work, instead of meeting at my place. Perfect! When I got off from work it was still light outside. First signs of spring! We met at De Bijenkorf (comparable to Bergdorfs) and took some pictures on my stoll there.

De Dam

View of the iconic monument 'De Dam' and De Bijenkorf with all the luxury brands. I took a look at Gucci and Louis Vuitton, for shopping inspiration... Ssssh!

Nice touch that they pushed the tables together for us.

Before dinner we had drinks at the luxury Krasnapolsky cafe/hotel. I came with the idea because my mom is taking me to high tea there next week (here idea). We had the best pinot grigio! Loved relaxing and talking on a Thursday night in our capital city.

Of course, I had duck ;-)

He took me to Bird, a famous Thai restaurant in the centre of the city. It is so famous, we even had to wait outside! But we got rewarded with authentic Thai food. Loved the little restaurant and the food! Highly recommended. When we left, people were still waiting for a table!

Really enjoyed this unexpected night out in Amsterdam on a weekday (school night!)!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tapas With A Friend In Rotterdam

Saturday and out of town friend came to visit (you might recognize her from our trip to Vienna, Austria!). We took a little stroll and visited some shops in Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. Such a nice neighborhood, especially at night for dinner and drinks.

We went to Lola, a fairly new tapas restaurant. And the food is so good! Love how you can order all kinds of foods and share. Sharing a big plate of food is my new favorite way of going out for dinner!

I often come to this street but never visited this store, I mean, look how cute! I love antique style stores. Love that I can see a very familiar neighborhood through fresh eyes with a friend!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Why It's Ok To Watch Shows That Are Nothing Like Real Life

"If you keep thinking too much of what's bad, you might end up losing what's good."

TV shows are fake, ok? They're here solely for our entertainment. The characters don't repeat outfits the way we do or even react the same to break ups the way we do. Instead of dwelling on something for a long time, there are over it the "next episode" aka the next day or week.

But I never looked at shows like that. I don't stop and think like: "hey, with that junior position, how can she afford those clothes?" I'm looking at you, Younger!

Yes, apartments might be way too big for what that character might actually afford, but why not dream big and push a little harder? Eat eat eat and not work out. Gilmore Girls much? How they can eat so much, never work out and still look like that, makes me wonder. But yeah, is it really entertaining to look at girls eating carrot sticks and going to the gym each day?

Getting raises, dream jobs or the big promotion. Why moan about that instead of looking at it as a motivation? Don't be jealous of a tv character! Heck, don't even be jealous of your coworker getting that promotion instead of you. Think of it as a way how it might benefit you. If you show how happy you are for her, she might help you in the future.

Also, shows where everything goes wrong probably aren't real either and are here to make you feel better as well. "New Girl" is one of the few (along with "Modern Family") shows that actually make me LOL. Their successes make you root for the characters and their failures make you laugh at them at best or feel familiar to them at worst. It's a win-win situation! I don't mind watching shows like these.

For example when they explained Lorelei Gilmore could've never afford her house or Carrie Bradshaw could've never havre afford her New York apartment. So what? These shows are here for our entertainment and not to think of our lives for 45 minutes, no matter how delightful they are. :-)

So instead of feeling guilty to watch these shows or keep thinking: "That can never happen in real life!", just sit back and enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March!

Last Thursday there was a 'huge' storm in the Netherlands. So 'big' that lots of trains weren't running. And because I worked in Amsterdam that day, it took me two hours to get home. I biked home the last part and well yes, it was a bit tough but I thought the storm was a big exaggerated.

Anyway, how bad the weather was the day before, how beautiful the day was on Friday, when I was working from home. When I went outside for lunch, I really felt I could smell spring in the air. Even though it was still cold.

On Monday I wrote it's only two more months until my (hopefully) last exams. Ever. But that makes me very busy and not much time for socializing... 

But maybe, admits all studying, there will be time for a little trip. Because I could use some away time from the study books...

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