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Monday, November 28, 2016

European Women In Technology Conference

The entrance 

Last Wednesday I attended the Women In Technology Conference in Amsterdam and I'm so glad that I did and being sponsored by my work. I met super smart and powerful women throughout the day, spent the day with a lovely Swedish woman, listened to some great talks and got to ask some 1 on 1 questions with some of the speakers as well.

The thing that stuck most with me was the Bridging The Gender Gap panel at the end of the day. I spoke to two of those women after and I added them on LinkedIn. One said on LinkedIn that the talent and potential of young women will transform the industry... and the world.

Wow, how inspiring right? And another woman of the panel members sent me a message on LinkedIn that if I ever had any more questions, I could come to her. So nice of her!

What I learned from this panel is that you need to find a mentor and that female leaders will have to set an example and help other women succeed.

This day made me realize more and more that, if women work together, amazing things happen.

Will attend next year as well!!

Luckily I met Hannah from Sweden soon, so I had company throughout the day!

Google gave us lots of goodies, socks and all.

Speaker from Google.

Who knew the CEO of Booking.com is Dutch? Loved listening to her!

Some speakers showing a quote of my uptime favorite power woman: Sheryl Sandberg. 

Can you spot me?

Loved the lecture by Google: It's a men's game (but women can play it too).

Mor from Google. Got to talk to her after and she gave me some helpful advice as well!

Google made sure we didn't get hungry.

Bridging te Gender Gap panel.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Reflecting And Being Grateful

On top of Mount Toubkal, Morocco 

If you're American you've probably celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and at lost of places everywhere around the world, Black Friday sales are in full swing by now.

But what I like about the idea of Thanksgiving is reflecting and standing still with the things you're grateful for.

So here is my little list of  what I've been especially grateful for in 2016:

Being Able To Climb A Mountain

When I planned the trip to Morocco, I was also looking if there were mountains nearby that I could climb. Luckily for me, the highest mountain of North Africa, Mount Toubkal with 4167 meters, was nearby. Challenge accepted. Even though it was harder than expected, I made it to the top! Being able to do this made me extra grateful for my healthy body and mind that I was able to achieve such an accomplishment. 

 Friends & Family

A lovely evening with Lindsey

I wouldn't be without my family where I am now and I wouldn't be as happy without my friends or my family. 


When I was in Rome last May

I'm grateful that I got to travel to so many countries this year. Happy that I could afford my trips but also lucky that I got invited by friends or traveled for work a couple of times. This year I visited: Belgium, Germany, ItalyAustria and first time to Africa, Morocco. Plus, I will travel to Sweden next month! That's 6 countries in one year and three of those were for the first time!

Being Able To Vote

Wearing "Madam President" by OPI to support Hillary Clinton on Election Day

Although we have no saying in American politics, the results were utterly devastating on the night of November 8th to 9th. But nevertheless, I'm grateful that we are able to vote! Our election is in March 2017 and I already know whom I'm voting for!

Wether you're celebrating Thanksgiving and/or shopping on Black Friday or not, it's always nice to reflect and think of the things you're grateful for.


Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm Still Here!

Hey everyone, I'm still here! Sorry for being M.I.A. for the last couple of days, but I was still nearby! And with nearby I mean, near my MacBook. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I didn't post as much as normal but still checked in regularly. You see, with work, studying, friends, family, gym and a household, blogging can be sometimes a little bit to much. Not that I see it as a chore by all means! But my life can sometimes be a little busy to say the least and a little internet break from now and then can be very much needed.

I have, however, thought of lots of fun blog post ideas which I will share (and continue to share) with you in the coming weeks and months.

We've entered the last week and a half of November, seriously, where does the time go?! Still in time to share a fall related blog post because it is my favorite season after all. That being said, I'm already looking forward to Christmas!

I've also been busy changing my interior a little bit and I can't wait to share with you soon. I've said before that Fall for me feels like a change and it's nice to be implementing that in my home.

Glad to be back on my blog again and I won't be gone anytime soon!

You can read my next post soon but in the meantime you can follow me on: Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello November!

It's November! Which shouldn't come as a shock to me because when my birthday is over, it's November before I can blink my eyes. Yesterday I was on my bicycle home and it started raining and the wind blew so hard, the leafs practically smashed into my face. But then, it's all better again when I come home, turn on the heat, lit a few candles, crawl under a blanket and watch an episode of Homeland. You know, I just started that series, only watched 4 episodes so far! 

I'm a big believer of new month, new beginning. And this month seriously could not have started any different than I could ever imagine. Let's see it as new beginnings, new surprises and starting over a few aspects of my life.

And even if you're not going through some major life changing changes, ;-) you could still see this month as a new start. That's how I always see the fall. The trees are shedding their old leafs, to make up for something pretty and new again come spring.

Later this month I'll go to the "European Women in Technology" summit in Amsterdam and I'm so excited! It's a network event with speakers and workshops and I can't wait to meet more women in my industry and learn from them as well. Will tell more about the event after!

Have a happy November everyone! Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice. ;-)

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