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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Quote That Will Make You Think

She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying. ~ Atticus

I read this quote on Instagram yesterday eve and reposted it on my account because I loved it so much. It makes you think. What are you afraid of that will hold you from doing something? Afraid you'll be rejected so you won't audition? Afraid you'll fail so you won't try a dance class? Afraid of heights so you won't climb that mountain?

Think about all the things you haven't done in your life because it was you who hold you back. What if you said yes more times in your life than you would say no. I'm at a moment in my life that I want to hold myself back but that I'm saying to myself: just do it!! What is really the worst thing that could happen? If you fail, get up and try again. Get that set of higher weights, go ask that boy/girl out on a date, do apply for a job and go talk to that friend you've been in a fight with for way too long.

There's never the right time, you can wait all you want for the exact right moment. But guess what? That perfect moment will never appear. That moment is now. You'll always have excuses and when you're out of excuses, you'll make up some more. Seriously, the time is now. Of course these are great big words written by me, but this post wouldn't make any sense if I didn't learn the quote myself. You see, before I even saw the quote on Instagram I overcame my own fear and did something I've been pushing back for weeks, or even months. If I can do it, you can do it. ;-)

Time is the most valuable thing you have, don't waste it, make it count!

Now is this humpday motivation or what?!

Atticus is a fictional character whom I fell in love with when I read "To Kill a Mockingbird" he is really the hero of the book by Harper Lee.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Last Weekend Of August

Can't believe this was the last day of August already! It was only August first when I climbed to the top of Mt. Toubkal in Morocco and found out all of my exams!

Had such a great weekend! Saturday was perfect weather and wore this skirt all day long and even got a little tan, I hope. ;-) I traveled to my parents to celebrate my stepdad's birthday and had dinner. Had so much fun! Sun, good food, wine & family. :)

Sunday started with rain and thunder which I didn't mind at all. I was up early but relaxing in bed with my macbook. Best purchase of the year I believe! 

Later the day the sun came out after all and made it another beautiful warm and sunny a August weekend. Crazy to think next week Sunday it will be September and I'll be in Berlin for work!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

How To Unwind After Work As A Couple

Relaxing as a couple doesn't always have to end up in 'Netflix & Chill'. You know, when you're  cooking something quickly and end up on the couch watching tv. Which is great for some nights, but it doesn't have to be an every day thing. t love to do things after work together that doesn't involve any electronics.

  • Take a bath. I love taking a bath together! Ok, it might get a bit crowded but there are no distractions! Maybe you'll talk about work, but who cannot relax soaking in bubbles while having a glass of wine?
  • Order in food. The other day we ordered sushi and had wine on a school night! Woah! No tv involved just lots of eating and talking. Sushi can't get cold so you have the whole night and no need to eat fast.
  • Go out for a drive. Then park the car and have a walk or picknick. I love taking walks after dinner. No beach near my house but the park nearby or the woods which requires a car drive are just as fine. This is a great way to talk and to get fresh air in.
  • Go out for dinner. Who says dinners are only for the weekends? Opt for a smaller restaurant that doesn't feel super empty when it's quiet on a weekday. Go around 7PM so you don't have to keep an eye on the clock but still get to be home at a reasonable time.
  • Cook each other dinner. Why leave the house for great food? Experiment and have fun together with dishes you don't normally cook/eat.

How do you like to unwind after work together?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

End Of Summer To Do List


All of a sudden, especially after last week, a heat wave is coming to the Netherlands. And I've heard in New York as well! Of course I'm super happy that it will stay summer for just a little while longer. This while my summer vacation to Morocco is over, I'm already shopping for fall clothes and I  registered for Senior year of university.

Here is my end of summer to-do list:

  • BBQ
  • Go to the beach 
  • Have one more getaway weekend
  • Eat loads of summer fruits
  • Make a new summer salad from this cookbook
  • Read on my balcony when possible
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Make at least one summer vacation photobook 
  • Watch the sun set from outside 
  • Visit a fair
  • Go for a bike ride (that isn't to work)
  • Go for a walk around the lake
  • Have a picknick
  • Watch typical summer movies when it's getting colder out
  • Clean up my study room and get ready for Senior year!

Can't wait to do all of these things!!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

How To Have A Better Monday

We all have heard of the "Sunday Scaries" before. It feels like that term is popping up now more than ever. You know, the dreadful feeling of that the weekend is almost over, you have to get to bed early because Monday is just around the corner and you have to be fresh to start your work/school week right.

I have just a few Sundays left until university starts again. Then I won't have time for endless Netflixing, but I'll have to study all day. Whether I study or not, I'll make the most of my day so that I have a relaxed Sunday eve.

I rather don't see Sunday evening as the end of my weekend, but the start of a new week!
Here is how I spend most Sundays, or at least incorporate these into my weekend, so that I start my Monday off right:

Clean your home:

First of all, I clean my apartment all the way on Saturday morning including laundry and changing my bed linnen. This way I will start my weekend clean & fresh!

Be active:

Go for a walk or run outside, go to the gym or follow a yoga class online. Being physically active will make you instantly feel better and give your brain more oxygen.


And my relaxing I don't mean watching your tv aimlessly. Take a bath, read a book, cook a nice dinner, have breakfast in bed, cuddle your pet. Anything that gets you away from your screens (phone included!). This also means to take study breaks every few hours. Another thing that I love is to take a 20 minute nap, but no later than 3 PM or else I won't be able to sleep at night.

Beauty routine:

Every Sunday I have a facial scrub and mask which both work relaxing and a necessity for the upkeep of your skin. I also polish my nails (in yet another shade of red) to start my week with a fresh manicure. Chipped nails is a big no-no for me!

Meal prep:

I used to meal prep way more than I do now. It would consume hours from my Sunday. After a few weeks I considered that that meal plan wasn't right for me. However, I still do some meal prepping on Sunday night. For example, make a smoothie for the next morning, or chop the ingredients for the smoothie and make overnight oatmeal.

Pack your back: 

Whether you go to school or to work, pack your bag for the next day. I always pack two bags, my work bag and my gym bag. I hang my gym bag at the door so I won't forget and I already put a bottle of water and throw in a snack like an apple in my work bag.

Plan your outfit:

You can already hang up the outfit you want to wear on Monday but at least plan what you'll wear. It will shave off minutes from your Monday morning and maybe a lot of stress as well. And plan a killer outfit! Wearing something that will make you look and feel great makes the Monday morning already a little less bad.

Go To Bed Early:
It might seem like the obvious and unnecessary to state, but go to bed at a time lik you would on any weeknight. Get in that routine so you'll have plenty of sleep!

Have a hearty breakfast:

And lastly but maybe the most important is to eat breakfast! Like I already wrote I will start my day with a green smoothie and then I'll have overnight oatmeal. Overnight oatmeal will take zero time to prep and you can even eat it cold if you like. Add 4 table spoons (40 grams) with 150 ml of almond milk or any kind you like and put it in a jar. You can add cinnamon and for example half a banana or a handful of blackberries. Seriously, you'll thank me later!

Do you have any tips or routines that you'll do on Sunday to have a better Monday?

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Knowing What You Knew All Along

It's been a long time since I wrote one of these posts, but I feel the need to typing it all out without revealing to much of my personal life, in the hope that in some way, it might help you or that you'll learn something from it. Those 'Aha' moments, everyone has once in a while.

Today I got to know something which was the final piece of my puzzel. With that fact that I heard, all bits and pieces came together and then I knew it -I knew it all along-.

Of course, I discussed everything in great detail with my BFF Lindsey, who knew all the bits and pieces as well as I shared everything with her from the beginning. The moment I heard the fact, I thought I would scatter in a million pieces, but I didn't. I felt the same way as moments before. And that means something. At least to me. It means that I'm over it, and outgrown. Outgrown right? I asked my friend if I should do something with my new found information. Tell someone? Tell the subject I know? Tell the other half of the subject?

But moments later it came to me..."No, you've outgrown this". Because, if I didn't feel totally calm at the moment I heard the news, I would have known I wasn't ok with it. But I have outgrown the fact that I want to water all of the seeds that are planted in my brain with talks of other people.

The people are experimenting it for themselves, no need for me to talk to them or let them know, that I know.

The people in the subject don't know what they're up against and will face a lot of sh*t. I know, I have been there. If I would talk to them, I would become part of their sh*t and moments ago I decided not to step into that boat and focus on my own goals.

I do pity them, but talking to them, might not rescue them at all.

The one quote that I always try to live by is also tattooed on my foot:

Let it Be...

PS: Now I want to re-watch the whole series of Gossip Girl!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Read: One Hundred Years of Solitude

Last weekend I started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Reading a book of his was high on my to-read list and I finally chose one. The one I think is most well known.  I do really like it so far, there are exciting, romantic and violent parts in it. The thing I have to get most into is all the Spanish names! Luckily there's a family tree at the beginning of the book. And I don't think it can be as hard as remembering all the names from Anna Karenina!

Haven't read a classic in such a long time, so I'm more than excited for this one!

During my summer vacation to Morocco I read Eat Pray Love which I very much enjoyed. I loved the parts when a sentence was so well written, I to close the book to rethink about it myself. It's a really "get to know yourself" book without being too pushy about it. Some parts however I didn't like so much for example when Liz was so depressive. And some parts were to "flowy" for me, that is the "Pray" part.

But, altogether, I highly recommend this book for every woman of any age as it has beautiful parts in it which I hope to remember and maybe will help for me as well.

Have you ever read One Hundred Years of Solitude?


Monday, August 15, 2016

Casablanca & Rabat, Morocco

Day one of Morocco! We flew to Marrakech but just to sleep there and then drive all the way to Casablanca, the capital of Morocco the next day. We visited the biggest mosque of Morocco, Hassan II Mosque. It was so beautiful from the inside, and cool too! Outside it was 40 degrees and because we had to take our shoes off it felt nice on our bare feet. It holds place for 25K people from which 5K can be women as they has to go pray upstairs...

With the girls in front of the mosque.

Beautiful from the inside.

Me in front of one of the big windows. 

Below, they had a huge hamman, where the women could go bathe.

After that we drove to Rabat, which had house of blue and white because it was near the see. So cute! 

Mozaïek, right on the streets of Rabat.

Turquoise sea in Rabat.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Blue and White Striped Skirt in Rotterdam

Very windy but beautiful day in Rotterdam when these pictures were shot. Over the knees white and blue skirt, perfect for summer. This is such a light fabric, even though it's longer, it's great for the warmer days.
Shirt & heels from Zara.

I also wore this skirt in Morocco, where longer skirts are more appreciated. Felt more comfortable there when I was covered up a bit more!

Love this place in Rotterdam, it's called Veerhaven with all small boats and also a beautiful view of the Erasmus Bridge and our offices!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some Pampering Before Vacation is Over

Reading poolside in Marrakech, Morocco.

I just had a few days more off before I started work again last Monday and I wanted to enjoy those days to the fullest. Besides cleaning and unpacking of course. 

On Thursday afternoon I first met up with the guy after sleeping in and cleaning up a bit. Later that day I went to my hairdresser who made my hair silky soft again after all that sun and chlorine. 

Friday I went to the gym, first time in two weeks! So nice to see the people who work that and catch up and tell my mountain climbing adventures.  

You can also read my blog post: Keeping That Summer Feeling a Little Longer


Later that day I treated myself to a pedicure and the guy came for Friday eve drinks, a toast to my positive exam results!


On Saturday I took a Yin/Yang Yoga class, first class in years! I still do some yoga stretch moves after every time I go to the gym, but it's been a long time.

The teacher was helping others, but not me, yay!

On Sunday I took a Hot Yoga class and this teacher didn't help me either and even complimented me on how well I did the poses. Doing these two classes made me fall back in love with yoga again so I will definitely do some more classes this week!


On Sunday afternoon I had my weekly face and hair ritual. First one in a few weeks so I really needed it. Facial scrub and mask, plus Olaplex in my hair for a few hours. 


I know many people who only read when they're on holiday. While I did read much more on vacation, because of much more time, I read all year log! I finished reading "Eat Pray Love" and started another book already which I will share soon. If you only read while you're on vacation, reading while back at home will make you have the vacation feeling last longer!


Monday, August 8, 2016

Back From Morocco and Happy August!

On top of Mt. Toubkal; hardest but also most rewarding thing I've ever done

I'm back from Morocco! Came back on Thursday and I'm so happy to be back home. Morocco is beautiful and made some of the best memories ever, but home sweet home.

We toured around Morocco for eight days and then my friends left and I stayed in Marrakech to climb Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain of Northern Africa. And as the shows pic above, I made it! First it was an hour and a half drive from Marrakech to Imlil and then a two day climb. I will write about it more throughly soon!

I made it to the top on August 1st so that was a very special day and date for me to remember. But it was also the day my exam results were released so when I made it back to the hotel in Marrakech at 11 PM, I checked my results. Guess what? I passed all of my exams!!

August 1st was truly the best and most memorable day of the year!!

Wishing everyone a happy August, may the summer last a little longer!

Overlooking Les Cascades Ouzoud Waterfalls.

Wiep and I in Yves Saint Courant garden, Marrakech. 

The guy gave me this bottle to celebrate my exam results!

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