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Friday, July 22, 2016

When Our Trip Became Political In Vienna, Austria

I want to share all of the sides we saw in Vienna, Austria. Also, the maybe a little bit darker ones. While we were walking, en route to the Albertina statue, we stumbled upon a demonstration. I asked a police officer what was going on and he explained that the group on the left was demonstrating for a family consistent of man, woman and kids, while the group on the right was more demonstrating against them. This group had signs made that anyone can form a family, so also of course gay people. No need to explain I think on which side we stood with.

I took pictures of the people who were protesting and they were happy to show me their signs, and I took some pictures of police officers, who were photographing for themselves as well.

Note that this was a non violent protest from both sides and that the police officers were there, just in case.

More love, less hate.

After I took this shot, the officer with the colored glassed said "Fraulein." as a warning. Haha!

Guys, watching the demonstration.

Albertan against the beautiful sunlight, it was so warm there!



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July Read: Eat Pray Love

Finally started reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert! And I say finally not because the book has been on my shelf for a long time, but because I've seen the movie many many times. It's about time. My stepmom bought the book secondhand, read it and gave it to me. So far I like it very much. Some parts and even sentences are exactly the same as the movie which I almost know by heart. Hope that won't bother me throughout the book.

I started reading a different book earlier this month but I don't think I liked it so much, or else I would have picked it up more. And because I will leave for Morocco in a couple of days, I thought this would be the most suitable summer traveling read!

Since I met the actual Ketut Liyer and his son in Indonesia last year (and visited Rome twice), I have a special bond with the movie. I mean, because of the movie I got a hand reading session by Ketut's son. Ketut himself was too old, but he hold my hand, laughed and we took some pictures. Lovely people!

I finishend The Girl On The Train in just a few short weeks. Wow, what an exciting book! I would absolutely recommend this to any woman and actually gave it to my stepmom who already finished it as well! Love talking about books with her on the phone. :)

Have you seen and/or read Eat Pray Love?

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sweet Sweet Weekend

with my mom

What a sweet weekend I had! It was filled with loved ones, friends and summer weather! Plus, a lot of cakes!

Friday during a work lunch we ordered Oreo cheesecakes for the table. Omg so good! I love everything Oreo so I am glad they have these at my favorite restaurant in Rotterdam. And I'm happy our new office is so close by that restaurant!

Friday after work we got home around 6PM and had Martini on the couch, perfect way to unwind.

Saturday afternoon my mom & stepdad came over and of course we tried out Snapchat (see pic above). It was their first time and we had to laugh so much! I also bought apple pie, so even more cake!

Later that day I went for a well deserved hour-long sports massage. Wow, I had some stubborn knots on my back and it really hurt to get them out. Next day I woke up with a sore back, but I know it's good for me!

On Sunday Lindsey and I met for vegan high tea1 It was her birthday last Thursday so this was a sweet way to celebrate. So much good food!

After the high tea I went for a little shopping and finally bought a new bikini! I do like shopping for bikinis, but because I was just so late in the season, they barely had sizes left. Luckily they had a black one that I love!

Sun protection is key for young skin! I will be going to Morocco later this week (eeeeeeek!!) and it will be 45 degrees there (!!!). I bought a special sun cream for my face with a super high SPF for the first time, but I think it's really necessary. I won't bring any other day moisturizer and I tend to get sun burnt really easy and wanted to have a product designed for the face.

You can read my beginning of my Road To Perfect Skin and this sun cream for face will fit perfectly in my plan.

So after this weekend filled with sweet goodness I will start my day again with green smoothies. Just one more week until my holiday!


Friday, July 15, 2016

Textured Gray Mini Dress

Textured summer dress from Zara! Note this dress is not suitable for the office, but perfect for a stroll through the city on Saturday or Sunday brunch.

The top part of the dress is sweater like and the bottom has a knitted feel to it.

Pumps are from Buffalo.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hiking In Rotterdam

Monday I wrote that I went for a hike on Sunday in my city Rotterdam. It takes a bike ride of approx 30 minutes to get me there, but it's so worth it. The 'Kralingse plas' beats every park in the neighborhood and offers a great escape of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Families come here on weekends to BBQ, to sunbathe or for a swim. Couples come here for a hand in hand stroll with the baby or dog. And lots of people come here to enjoy some kind of exercise as well. In the beginning of the park it's so crowded, but the farther you walk, the quieter it gets. Even on the most sunny Sundays.

Here I snapped some pictures of my favorite few of the skyline of Rotterdam. More pictures can be seen in this blog post.

Most of the time that I come here, I come for a run around the lake or to relax in the sun. But this time I truly came to hike and to walk in my new shoes and try out my new Osprey backpack

It's so calming to walk around here. Can't believe all this nature (and it's not even the woods yet!) is still part of Rotterdam.

My new shoes! Biked a total of an hour and walked for around 1,5 hours. It was quite the workout in this warmth! Great way to train for my coming trip to Morocco and to climb Mount Toubkal!!


Monday, July 11, 2016

A Weekend In Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam

My weekend technically started in Amsterdam. I was there for work in the afternoon to attend ESL championships in Amsterdam Arena. For those who have never heard of it, it's a gaming tournament which was held in the Netherlands for the first time. And I had the opportunity to walk down into the Arena where the soccer games are held of Ajax, biggest team of Amsterdam (and also rival of Feyenoord, Rotterdam, but I'm not really into soccer).


At the end of the day I had a meeting there as well. But, I was in good spirits as I would meet for dinner in Delft straight from work. It was so lovely walking there again (last time was December!), I just had to take some pictures of this cute city.

The weather was great as well so we had drinks outside first!

This was 10 PM!

On Saturday afternoon I went out shopping a little bit and bought some things for the office and the gym. Wasn't really supposed to buy so much, but once in the store...

In the evening Lindsey came over and we tried out Snapchat filters. We laughed so much at ourselves, we literally had to cry. Lindsey even ran to the bathroom to get herself a tissue! :P

See the results:

We also made a couple of videos who will never be shown to anyone but our inner circles. Or just us two, lol!!

Later that night we went to a 90's party. Talking about a throwback!!

Kralingse bos, Rotterdam

This Sunday was the best one in a wile temperature wise. First I read the newspaper on bed and later I lay on my balcony enjoying the sun. It was so nice and relaxing.

In the afternoon I went out for a bike ride and walk in Rotterdam and it was really nice but very warm as well. Quite felt like a workout!

Pretty much a perfect weekend in my book!!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Beige Sweater And Cognac Oxfords

Loved scrolling through these pictures while picking out the ones for my blog! From these candid pics you can really tell I'm enjoying myself and that I'm having a laugh. It was finally a warmer day as well!

The past few weeks here in the Netherlands have been gray and most days rainy as well. So much for summer eh? This sweater from Mango is the perfect transition piece that can be worn on colder days but still has the summer feel because of the color and the different back.
The back is more of a blouse fabric which makes the whole sweater look more dressy and perfect for the more informal days at work.

Most of the time I'm wearing heels but these oxfords from Dune are both comfortable and chic. Was looking for oxfords for a long time and finally found these leather ones from English brand Dune. A brand I've been wearing for years but haven't thought of for a while!




Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Summer Travels: Morocco & Local!

Glad to be finally revealing on Dashingly Elevating that for my summer travels I'll be going to Morocco! And I'll leave later this month, just a few short weeks from now! So excited!!

This will be my first time in Africa and I couldn't be more thrilled!! First we'll tour around the country and visit the king cities and stop at other places as well. Among other cities we'll see: Casablanca, Rabat, Fès, Beni Mellal and of course Marrakech. 

Thinking about what to wear can be quite tough. First it will be very hot there, but it's also a Muslim country. Last year we went to Indonesia, and although Java is a Muslim island, I was no exception or in no danger by wearing shorts or showing my shoulders. For Morocco however I read that as a female, you cannot show too much skin. And even people are used to tourists in the bigger cities wearing short shorts and tops, I don't think it's respectful to the country. Also read at several female travel blogs that those women were harassed all the time by Moroccan men on the streets, even when they dressed appropriately. 

I won't be alone for a single moment during the road trip, so not afraid of anything I can't handle.

Can't wait to smell and taste exotics foods, meet locals, take lots of pictures and see beautiful mosques and sceneries!!

The most exciting part of the holiday will be at the end. I will stay three days longer so that I can climb Mount Toubkal, which is with its 4167 meters the highest mountain of Northern Africa!! I hired a local guide so I won't be hiking alone. And because it's summer I don't think I'll be alone all. At least not at the base camp where we'll spend the night in tents. Hope to meet nice other hikers!

I already had hiking boots from our trip to Zürich, Switzerland last year, but I think those are a bit too small and too wide to survive on this trip. Last weekend I bought LOTS of stuff. Boots, trekking poles, water bladder, clothes, socks, head flashlight, sleeping bag and special energy bars. Plus, an Osprey backpack I ordered off the internet came in Monday! Spent most of my online research on the backpack and found this American brand with lots of great reviews and tutorial videos. "Where are all these straps for?!" Haha! The backpack was sent to my office and a colleague helped me with how to wear and strap it.

For August I didn't plan any trips (yet) but in September we'll go to an island in the Netherlands: Texel! Haven't been there in years but since The Lonely Planet put it on their Best in Europe list, it was back on my radar again. We'll stay at the most luxurious little hotel + spa and will go to the beach, swim, hike, go to the spa and pretty much relax!

This hotel looks so pretty!

Nice to have something to look forward to after the Morocco trip!

Have you ever been to Morocco?

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Lazy Sunday

A few weekends ago I had one of the laziest Sundays in a while. Wish most of my Sundays looked like that one! 

I'm not a big breakfast in bed eater but I love drinking coffee in bed. And that Sunday I even ate toast in bed and that wasn't so bad either! ;-)

My cat always meows in front of my bedroom door and on weekends I will let her in while I'm still in bed. I had magazines and was scrolling on my Mac for blog posts to read.

I'm not a big magazine reader anymore because I simply don't have the time for it. But I still like to read business magazines, ones that don't age out easily like fashion magazines. Great issue of Forbes last month about America's richest self made women and Harvard Business Review about how to be indispensable. The HBR magazines are to be kept in my opinion. Also love reading The Financial Times on weekends! 

I stayed in bed until it was times for lunch and because the weather wasn't so good for time of year, I did not have to feel guilty.

Will miss these type of Sundays a lot when Senior year of University will start in September. I should  cherish these Sundays until then and have them as much as possible!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy July!

Summer, where are you?! We had just a few beautiful spring days, but the past few weeks it feels like autumn again. That's why our weekend to Vienna was extra welcoming for us because it was 27 degrees throughout. I have so many summer skirts, dresses and blouses in my closet that just hang there patiently to be worn to the office and on evenings out.

It's raining as we speak. The more reasons to be longing to my next destination... I will soon reveal what my summer holiday will be! Weird to think about it, that will be in only three weeks! Eek!!

This month also marks the birthday of my brother and one of my best friends so celebrations will be in order!

And I am so ready for after work drinks spent outside, relaxing weekend mornings spend on my balcony and staycations in my city. And of course, obligatory ice cream!

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