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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Road To Perfect Skin: The Plan

Picture taken after my visit to the beautician.

Last Saturday I went to a beautician after years! I really wanted to for quite some time because I saw that my skin has changed over the last two years or so. Now I have a little bit more redness in my face than I ever had. During high school/puberty I was lucky enough to have clear skin other than the odd zit on my T-zone. But now I seem to break out more - or so I thought.

I booked a 90 minute 'meet & treat' appointment so that she and I could really talk and that she would look at my skin thoroughly. Now I understand that I don't have a combined skin like I thought, but a sensitive skin, hence the redness. Turns out, I've been using the wrong products all along!

The small break outs can come due to stress, or a bad eating habit. She said sugar and dairy are the evildoers. Since I'm not eating much from both, I think the former is the real cause of my skin 'problems'.

I've never worn lots of make-up or even foundation in my life. I try to avoid the 'pancake-face' look at all times. However, a little concealer and powder go a long way.

So because of talking to the beautician, I knew I had to change my skin routine in order to get what we all want: perfect skin.

Below my plan to perfect skin: 


Normally I would use Nivea to rinse off my make-up in the evening but Saturday I bought this vital C cleansing milk by Image from the beautician. I paid a whooping 29,50 euro for it so it better do its job! She also recommended cleaning my face twice a day so in the morning I will still use the Nivea. I strategically placed the flacon in the shower so I (hopefully) won't forget.

Benefit of the Image vital C cleanser is that I don't need to use tonic after! But I still will use it in the morning.

These are the current scrub and mask that I use but they change from time to time. Now that I know that I have sensitive skin other than combined skin, this mask may not be the right product for me. But before I will throw away anything, I will use this one first. Still like the product! I'm not at all consistent using these two. Sunday should be my 'spa' moment at home but I tend to forget it a lot. But: scrubbing is an absolute must for perfect skin, so I have to pick it up again!


I have been using this Olaz (Olay in America) serum for years now. Not sure what it does or if it's helping my skin, but I just love the texture and how it feels on my skin. I use this one twice a day. The recently changed the perfume, which I now don't like anymore. But, considering my sensitive skin, I should opt for the one without perfume the next time.

I bought these two bottles a few days prior my beautician appointment. This brand does not use paraben or any other weird ingredients in their products. Before this I always used brands like L'oreal and I felt like my skin wasn't reacting good to those. According to the beautician this is still not a good product because it's only working to the first layer of the skin and not the vital second or third. 

Of course I wanted to buy all the products she recommended, but I'n not willing to pay 300+ euro. First I will see if this works and if I see any changes.

Now I know I'm not 30+ yet (27), but I think it's OK to start with an anti age night cream. Yup, this will be my first one! Not sure if it's too early or too late, but my mom is using anti age since she was 16 and she looks fantastic, so why not? Another reason for picking out this night cream is because it was the only night cream of this brand. The PCLE cream can be used both day and night, but I like to use separate bottles. 


I am a huge advocate in healing the body from the inside out. I believe that you can buy all the products in the world, but it will not help if you don't eat properly. Also, don't smoke. Yuk. My diet consists of lots of fruits and veggies, but there is always room for improvement. Especially during times of my exams. From this past Monday on I will start my day with a green smoothie which has spinach or kale as its base with fruits for other vitamins and taste. This will be a good way to eat more greens and detox my body in a healthy manner.

Also, the health benefits of drinking water are endless! I drink at least 2 liters (8 glasses) of water each day and it comes naturally for me. With breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever I'm thirsty I drink water and I wouldn't want it differently. Almost never have any soda in my fridge!


  • clean face twice a day;
  • buy serum specially for sensitive skin when I run out;
  • scrub & use mask every Sunday;
  • prep green smoothies every Sunday for coming week.

I will update to this post with hopefully improved results. Also I will post a plan for eating your way to beautiful skin soon. Sounds great right?

Which products do you use? Always keen to try out new brands!


Monday, June 27, 2016

The Belvedere in Vienna, Austria

It's been a little over a week since we visited Vienna and I'm now looking through my 1600+ photos! First up: The Belvedere!

The first day we walked from the hotel through a park and we ended right at Belvedere. It was so beautiful there! Imagine seeing the view above as the first thing of being in Vienna and this as a perfect welcome to the city and country. Loved seeing the mountains in the back, which reminded me how close we were to nature.

It was 27 degrees that weekend so we dressed way to warm! The skies were so beautiful blue, no filter needed for any of my photos.

I took a lot of photos...

The gorgeous Belvedere.

Everything was so clean and tidy. Not just here but everywhere in the city. Cleanest city I've ever seen!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Although I have visited Rome before, the Pantheon took my breath away again. It looks beautiful from the outside but is utterly gorgeous from the inside. The piazza is very nice as well with a fountain in the middle and lovely colored buildings. A busy, but never dull square amidst of shops and cafes!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life Lately: Back From Vienna, Austria

Relaxing on the grass at Burggarten

We are back from Vienna, Austria! Wow, what a beautiful city!! We even spotted some mountains from the skyline. I'm so excited about this city, didn't expect it to fall in love with Vienna as I did. Below are some snaps from my instagram. I will post more pictures as soon as possible!

Ice cream at Schloss Schönbrunn 

Coffee and torte at Palmenhaus, Burggarten

Some apricot drink with our schnitzels at Figlmüller

Selfie at the garden from Schloss Schönbrunn

And this past Monday was the first working day at our new offices! We celebrated with champagne, music, a grand tour and after a lunch with everyone. Our company has its own restaurant now and the food is so good and healthy! Lucky me!
I took this picture from the view our department has!!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Why A Lot Of Rain Isn't So Bad After All

The other day I went to the gym from work. It had rained earlier that afternoon, but was dry when I walked to the gym. It already started raining when I was inside, but it literally started pouring when I was heading out to go home. As I went to the station on my bike earlier that day, I had to go back the same way. On the bike that is, and not opting for the dryer way, by taking the tram.

The bike ride home is only 8 minutes, but soon I was soaked. Literally from head to toe. I felt the water running down my back and my feet were wet because my shoes and socks didn't protect me at all.

Instead of being miserable as I normally would, I was smiling. Even though it's supposed to be spring and we already had quite a few beautiful spring days (27 degrees C and up!), the last few days had been gray and rainy. Luckily I was warm from training so I hadn't run cold and driving as fast as I could. While driving through the rain in my city Rotterdam, I was thinking of how much I love the Netherlands and Rotterdam, even when it rains here a lot on days that it most definitely should not. Another reason I didn't mind getting wet is that the next day was hair wash day (if you have long thick hair, you'd understand).

As I got home, I took off all my wet clothes by the door and took a sprint into the shower. A shower after the gym is a necessity, but a warm shower after being drained in the rain feels so rewarding.

I realized I hadn't had anything for dinner at home and instead of eating just a can of soup or going out again to go to the grocery store, I ordered take-out. This is something I never do, especially not on a week day. Take-outs or home delivery are saved when we're lazy on the couch on weekends.

But this night I felt like treating myself. As I had that Friday off from work, it was already weekend for me. And being soaked by the rain and hearing thunder outside (which I love when I'm inside!) ment I could treat myself that day by eating take out and watching Mr. Selfridge on Netflix.

Normally I only like rain when I'm home with a blanket and a good book and wine or tea, but that day, the rain wasn't so bad after all. It's all about a matter of perspective and attitude. ;-)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Boothstock Festival In Rotterdam

Last Saturday I went jet to another festival in Rotterdam! This one is called Boothstock and every year since Mandy took me first, we're going there. This year we brought Lindsey along. It was so much fun for her to experience what I think is the most fun festival in Rotterdam!

Basement Jaxx

Dancing between my best girlfriends, in the sun on great music with a huge smile on my face makes me love the moment we're in now. Love being young with great friends around me during summer!

Haha I think this selfie is so funny!

There were five stages, but as from the pictures above we loved the house music stage the most.

See you next year Boothstock!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Blog Makeover!!

My new blog template is here! Hope you like it as much as I do! It feels so excited to rebrand but also long overdue. This template suits the blog where it currently is now as well as myself. I still have used my main colors gray and light pink, but now navigating will be much easier.

Love the features 'Big This Month' and 'Recent Posts' so that older posts still will be seen as well.

Also finally updates my 'About Me' page!

Apart from appearance changes I also added 'categories' on the tap bar where you can find all of my travels easily. 

Please take a look around and let me know what you think of the newly branded Dashingly Elevating!

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Girl In A Red Dress In Rome, Italy

Finally some pictures of Rome on the blog! On my first full day in Rome a couple of weekends ago I wore this red dress which I especially bought for the occasion. Think it suits Rome perfectly.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Toms


Trevi fountain

Villa Burghese


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Festival In Rotterdam: The Flying Dutch

Last Saturday Lindsey and I went to The Flying Dutch festival in Rotterdam. It was my second time there but this year was so much better organized. The festival learned from the first time and because of the improvements, like food stands were located at the park so we could eat on the grass.

The Dutch DJs will fly with helicopter to three cities, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven to give three performances for a total of 120.000 people. 

We saw these DJs live:

Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Afrojack, Oliver Heldens, W&W, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Martin Garrix, Firebeatz and came in too late for Ravitez.

The weather was so good and warm!! But, unfortunately we had two huge showers who didn't spare anyone and left everyone soaking wet. But, that didn't mean the party or spirit ended!

After we dried up a colleague of mine came to the festival as well who fetched up two VIP bracelets for on top of the deck which gave a great view, private (real) bathrooms and no standing in line for drinks.

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