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Monday, May 30, 2016

Life Lately

 This past week was my first week back to work after Rome. Still not a full one because I went a long weekend to Italy, but now no more interruptions for exams. Yay! This weekend I had a dream about getting the results. I had three great grades and failed one exam miserably. Well, let's hope the failing part is not the case and that the grades will be good!

I had a fun first week back to work. On Tuesday I had to give a presentation which went quite well. I even got compliments!! I thought I would be sacred but when the moment came, I wasn't nervous at all.

Wednesday I went out with colleagues to the Red Bull Culture Clash here in Rotterdam. There were four stages with four different types of music, battling against each other. The ones who got the most cheering, won. Of course my favorites won!! We even went backstage, which was really nice. It was my first time back stage! Just to imagine all the stars walking through those doors and halls.

On Thursday we had a meeting overlooking a Erasmus bridge and a building (see first picture) which will become our new offices in matter of weeks, so excited!

Saturday we went to have dinner in Breda, haven't been there in years. We had tapas which is great if you're like me, wanting to taste a bit of everything.

Sunday I went to my mom and even saw my brother which is always nice. I live far away from them but it's great that we're close as a family!

Plus, I bought a new camera!! It's a Nikon D3200 with two lenses! I'm so happy! It's a super big purchase but with all my traveling coming up, it will be a must! Can't wait to try it out, maybe this coming Sunday I can take it outside.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Red Skirt and Black Shirt

Nothing pops more than the color red. Love to combine this color with neutrals, like I have with this outfit. A clean black shirt and black pumps make the red skirt pop out without being too much.

Skirt and shirt both from Zara, pumps from Buffalo.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Foods In Rome, Italy

I just came back from Rome and I wanted to update the blog quickly by what I ate in Rome!

Last Friday I had my last exam of my sophomore year. Yay, finally summer break! I celebrated it by going to Rome, Italy.

Below a summary of the things we ate while in Rome, wish I photographed everything! Italian food has so much color and flavor, but with little ingredients. Food is always prepared in its most purest form and enjoyed with friends and family. There is an Italian proverb which says: "Chi mangia solo s'affoga" which means: "He who eats alone suffocates".

At our last dinner we sat next to a big table with girlfriends full of food. They were talking, sharing food and drinking wine. I grew up with Italians beside me because my stepdad is a high school teacher with an exchange program to/from Italy. Each year a teacher would stay at our place.

I used to work at an Italian company and when I just started working there, I had my first dinner with colleagues and their friends at an Italian dinner. We didn't start eating at 11PM (yikes!), but had so much fun and delicious food, right here in Rotterdam. Always love to go back to Italy to eat and enjoy the gorgeous foods.






Friday, May 20, 2016

How To Pack A Carry On Like A Pro

Today, after I had my last exam this morning (suuummmaaa hooliidaayyy!), I'm traveling to Rome, Italy! Because I'm only staying for four days, I'm only bringing a carry on trolly. When you have such a little suitcase to pack everything in, it does can get hard and overwhelming. 

Here are my tips on how to pack a carry on like a pro:

Mini everything! 

Including a travel version of my perfume, Mademoiselle, Chanel. Remember that you can only bring a total of 1 liter on the plane in the cabin with you in portions of no more than 100 ml each. I always take home the minis I get when I'm staying at a hotel. Most of the time I brought my own shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, so this is great to bring for shorter trips.

I bought tiny empty bottles and refilled them with my facial products. On the long term, this is so much cheaper than buying mini versions of your favorite creams.

These are the things I packed: shaving cream, deodorant, hair oil, nail polish, sun protection and sun protection for lips, plus flacons filled with eye make-up remover, tonic, day & night cream and serum. Instead of taking the mini shampoo and conditioner, I opted for a sample for both which I got at my hair dresser.


Of course, make-up! I took out all of the things that I don't need and only kept the daily essentials. Here I also put my toothbrush, mini dental floss, make-up removing wipes and cotton buds and pads. I thing I learned for when I traveled to New York City for the second time (during a hot May!) is to bring blister pads with you in your bag. Not just to bring it from home, but actually carry around all day. Imagine walking around with a blister in search of a pharmacy, ouch!


I'll bring two long pants (I'll be wearing one on the plane) and two short shorts, which I can wear during the day.

Four t-shirt (plus I'm wearing one). The black one is for night and the middle two can be both worn during the day and night.

Two cardigans (I'll be wearing one) and a nice blazer. As you can see my bottoms, tops and cardigans/blazer are all neutral colors and could be mixed and matched! Think of what you want to wear on your trip and pack in outfits that you can mix and match saves time and space.

The three Ss: shoes, scarf, sunglasses

I'm only bring one pair of extra shoes! Bought these Toms this week and they're so comfortable! Perfect for long walks on warm days. On the plane I'll wear my black vans. Further I'll bring a light, colorful scarf (fun fact: I bought this scarf the first time I was in Rome four years ago!) to brighten up an outfit or to cover up when I'll visit the Vatican or a church. Tip to save space: wear the scarf on the plane! It can get very cold up in the air. And of course, bring sunglasses. I'm keeping mine in the front pocket of the suit case so I won't have to search for it once I've landed.

Hair essentials

Hair straightener, brush and clip on. Luckily I don't have to bring a hair dryer!


I can't stress this enough: world plugs!! They'll always come in handy and the more the better! I even remember from last time I visited Rome I needed these. Plus of course cords to charge your phone and camera!

On board essentials & entertainment

What I'll keep near me during the flight: phone, earbuds,  plus life saver: power bank! Another one I cannot recommend enough! Not all planes have on board charging services so this is a live saver. The first time I was on a plane with on board charging was when we went to Java & Bali, Indonesia. Of course a book to read while waiting on the plane and on the flight, my glasses for the airport, mints for the dry air on board, Purol lip balm for the dry air on board but also I have one with my anytime, anywhere. And I like to keep my camera close to me. Also to protect it better, but also if you want to take pics as soon as you go out of the airport and don't want to open your suitcase only to find your underwear on top (embarrassing!).

These I will bring in a small cross body. Hopefully it won't be mentioned, but recently when we traveled to Belfast, Northern Ireland, I had to but it in the carry on. No problem now either, I have plenty of space, and space to bring back souvenirs!


The obvious but often forgotten: underwear, something to sleep in, socks and medicine. For example I'll bring anti-pol medicine as last time I visited Rome (also in May!) I was sneezing all the time! And gifts! As a little thank you I'm bringing all kinds of Dutch cookies and candies.

Quick tips:

  • You can not bring more than 1 liter in liquids with you in the cabin
  • Think in minis! But you can easily buy little empty plastic bottles
  • Only bring the most essential day to day make-up
  • Make sure you can mix and match your outfits and that they can easily be transformed to a night outfit
  • Think of your hair essentials! Often hotels already offer a blow dryer
  • Techs! Make sure you can use and charge your electronics and that your phone won't go dead during your flight
  • Tink of the essentials you need to have with you during the flight so that you don't need to open your case while on board!


Monday, May 16, 2016

An Evening in Ghent, Belgium

Last week I went to Ghent, Belgium for a work trip. It was my first time to the city, which was on my list for quite some time. Lucky me! It's a really cute little city full with old architecture and canals. I just had a taste of Gent (Ghent), but I really want to go back to see more! Heard that the "Gentse feesten" (Ghent's parties) are really nice! This city is filled with students, so it must be great for night life! 

In this part of Belgium, they speak Flemish, which is almost the same as Dutch. Easy, so we can speak in our own language! Always love to hear Flemish Belgian speak, think their accent is so nice! Haha! 

Will go back to Belgium next month, also the Flemish speaking part of the country! As neighbor-countries, it's never far away to go for a one day trip.

Don't these pictures make you want to travel to Ghent?!

Unexpected garden.

I'm a sucker for beautiful doors, so of course I had to pose! Thanks to my colleague who took this pic!

Sint-Niklaaskerk, Gent, Belgium

Sint-Niklaaskerk, Gent, Belgium

Cutest pharmacy ever!

How cute is this shopping street?

Chandelier of the restaurant.

It was a steak restaurant and the waitress presented our choice of meat. Oye! 

As an appetizer I had grilled asparagus with pata negra. Never thought to grill white asparagus but they were surprisingly good!

Oh. My. Steak. It was so big and so good! Unfortunately I couldn't finish.

Because of course I had to save space for dessert! Best chocolate cake ever. With the chocolate centre still running! Yumm...

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