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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fitness Lately: Setting Goals

This week I have set certain goals and rewards for myself. For me it's not about weight, but how I feel and look like. I want to gain muscle, which eventually means gaining weight. The other day I saw a picture of myself from the back and thought: I really need to pump up those skinny arms and gain more booty (although I get mixed messages about that,haha!)!

That means more time in the gym. More squats and more exercises for my arms. I love to feel the muscle pain I get from the leg press machine or the hack squat machine. Two of the newer exercises which I just started doing tin the last couple of weeks. Same goes for my arms. When I'm training them they feel so big! As soon as I'm home I drink my protein shake to fuel my muscles after the training.

Also love to flex my arms in front of the mirror (or really anyone who wants to see) and see my gainzzz!

Next to setting clear goals, smaller ones leading to a big one, I also vowed to go to the gym every Saturday. On Saturday I want to do LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) for at least 45 minutes. During the week I mainly focus on weight training and I do cardio for 5x2 minutes (and riding the bicycle from and to the station).

I think it's really important to set out little goals if you train for a bigger picture instead of just training for keeping healthy.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paleo & Vegan Breakfast: Chia Seeds Pudding

After eating two eggs a day, 5 days a week for a few weeks straight, I got pretty sick of it. Not that the tastes of this savory egg dish or sweet egg dish got me deprived,  I just wanted to eat less animal foods. After googling and searching on Pinterest, I found this recipe which happens to be both paleo and vegan! Plus, it's gluten free too!!

When you're on the paleo lifestyle (it's not a diet!) you don't eat oatmeal or any grains. I really miss eating oatmeal, but this is THE perfect replacement as you can eat it hot!

Ingredients (one serving):
3 tbs chia seeds
3/4 cup almond milk
1 tbs raisins
vanilla extract
Any kind of fruit (I chose half a banana)
chopped nuts

Add all ingredients in a bowl except for the toppings and leave in the refrigerator overnight 

 You can eat it warm or cold, heat in microwave for two minutes and add toppings.

What I love about this recipe is that the raisins soak up the milk as well and it's a sweet and filling treat in the morning!


Monday, January 25, 2016

A Weekend Full Of Sushi

Once per week I have a cheat meal. But sometimes, two creep in if I go out for dinner during the week. I'm not 'on a diet' so if I'm out for dinner I never turn down the bread, fries or glass(es) of wine. 
This Saturday we were really craving sushi, but didn't want to go out again, so we got some delivered! We ordered from one of the sushi restaurants I normally go to so I knew this was good. My whole table was full of sushi and other delicious food. It was such a nice and relaxing Saturday eve!

Friday after work I went to the gym and felt really good on Saturday morning, that later in the afternoon we went to the gym as well.

Sunday I didn't feel bad to eat the leftovers for lunch even though I already had my 'cheat meal' on Saturday. I did a HIIT workout at home since it was raining outside.

It's all about balance!

Friday, January 22, 2016


A little while ago I saw this quote on instagram. I came across it again today in my photostream and it was just the little reminder I needed. Sometimes I'm caught up on life. I tend to work so hard, whether at work or my studies, I forget I'm only so young and that's ok to not have it all figured out by the time I'm 30. I'm truly a thriver, dreamer and overachiever and I have to remind myself that the latter will not become the bigger part of me.

In October last year I turned 27 and someone told me around a year ago that 27 is the best year ever. When I look at girlfriends who are my age or younger who are settles and have kids, I'm happy for them but that's just not me. I also have friends who are in their thirties and who are single and childless and are happy as can be. So I've seen uit both ways.

I don't feel any pressure from mother nature because I see my twenties as my selfish years and I don't feel like extending my family just yet... 

Biggest lesson? It's OK to make mistakes, don't beat yourself up over it. Breathe, there's always a new chance to do better next time. It's called tomorrow. Be kind to yourself!

These are my selfish years whether they'll be extended till I'm in my 30's or not, they're now here. And I will unashamedly enjoy them and still feel a bit young from time to time! 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fitness Lately & Easy Paleo BTW Lunch

In the past couple of weeks I've managed to keep a pretty good schedule and I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, depending on social activities during the week. In a perfect world all of my social appointments would be scheduled in the weekends but sometimes there's just not enough time. And is it really that bad to go out for dinner on a Wednesday? I don't think so! As long as I get all my studies done and schedule in an extra sweat sesh during weekends.

I recently started doing pull ups and dips on that machine and I feel so good and strong! My goal is to do a dip and pull up (eventually more) without the help of the plank.

My lunches are pretty much on track as well. Apart from last week Wednesday and Friday. We had a meeting and workshop during lunch time so sandwiches were served. But the other days I had lunch that looked pretty much like this:

Broccoli, pumpkin and chicken with mustard and nuts. So tasty and filling! Perfect to bring to work and to heat up for a few minutes. Can be eaten cold as well. 
My main mantra is to always serve to types of veggies to fill the gap of something starchy.

Please follow me on my fit insta page: @MissWD_Fit !!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Fun And Relaxed Weekend

My weekend started off really nice with after work drinks with our whole department and others as well. After I didn't want to go home so I met up with a friend and we had cocktails and danced until late!

Saturday I went for an hour long sport massage which was great and really needed! She felt how 'tight' I was in my shoulders but she really kneaded all of my knots out. Not sure if this comes of all of my gym workouts or because of the position I sit behind my desk.

Felt great after but still my soar troat was playing up. Sunday I woke up with even a more sore troat and treated it with many cups with tea and honey and soup at night. In the morning I had coconut yoghurt for the first time and topped it with half a banana and chia seeds. So good and naturally sweet! And it's both vegan & paleo!

Fingers crossed it won't get any worse! I have some more presentations scheduled at work and the ability to speak is kind of required! Haha

Friday, January 15, 2016

Chunky Sweater and Tall Black Boots

Now that it's getting colder and the days are still short, most of the time I just want to wear sweaters to work. Like I said, I think it's important to still look chic when it comes to office attire, but that doesn't mean you have to get cold.

The sweater is from Mango and it's just a little different than the average chunky one. The blocks and holes makes it a modern look.

Boots are from Buffalo and earlier seen here. These are so warm inside and make any outfit look vamp!

Coat last seen here.



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Instagram 2015 Best Nine @MissWD_Fit

This week, I'm posting it from my second account @MissWD_Fit. Like the name says, it's a fitness and motivation account. I thought the two should be separated, but please follow along! 

2. Running near the woods of Rotterdam.

4. Overseeing Rotterdam from the lake.

5. Lunch break gym selfie.

6. After gym time selfie.

8. About to do 30kg dead lifts.

9. Ab check selfie in a hotel. 

So nice looking back at a good fitness year!!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Paleo Recipe: Bread Free Sandwiches

A few weeks ago I started eating Paleo approved breakfasts again. But the biggest challenge for me on eating Paleo is lunch time. As a Dutchie, I'm so used on eating bread for lunch. All of my colleagues do so as well apart from the occasional takeaway salad, sushi or even fries!

I still wanted to have the feeling that I wouldn't miss out on my daily sandwich, without the added bread. So I came up with this! Romaine lettuce instead of a wrap or bread. I know, it's not really new, but it is to me!

I filled one with turkey and pumpkin hummus, spinach spread and roast beef and one with tuna and a little lettuce. I added red paprika to all three of them for extra crunch and to be more filling.

I added some olives to my lunch box for some healthy fats!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Back On Track: Paleo Breakfast

During the holidays I didn't watch what I ate or my calorie intake, except for breakfast. I actually enjoy to eat eggs every day, for example with ham. But now that the new year has started I thought to replace the ham for veggies.

All it takes, is three ingredients, plus a pinch of salt and pepper:

Courgette, mushrooms, or really any kind of vegetable you like (last week I had onions and broccoli) and two eggs!

Perfect breakfast to bring to work!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Instagram 2015 Best Nine - @DashinglyElevating

Loved seeing all the best nines of 2015 on Instagram and I got one myself too. So here they are from my @DashinglyElevating account! From left to right:

2. My outfit for shopping in Den Haag.

4. Warm day workout outfit.

7. After run selfie.

9. Watching House of Cards and sipping red wine.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy January!

Happy New Year everyone! So the working week has started for me after two weeks of 4 days weekend. Felt so good! But I'm ready to tackle this new, busy month!

We really had the best NYE! Lindsey came to my place for champagne, snacks and Dutch pastry we eat during NYE.

At 11 PM the taxi picked us up to take us to the party. A little before 12 o'clock we went outside to see the national fireworks from the Erasmus bridge here in Rotterdam.

Afterwards we danced in the new year with 60's-10's musics. So good!!


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Carte de vœux - Lucille Michieli:

Happy New Year everyone! I spent it dancing with my best friend Lindsey like we do every year. I'm so excited for 2016, I think it's already off to a great start!

Wishing everyone the best for 2016!

new year x champagne :: #candid #photography:

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