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Friday, July 31, 2015

I Passed My Exams!!

This summer just keeps getting better and better! Yesterday I got the results of my exams I did in May and it turns out that I passed!! All afternoon long I kept refreshing the results page and then finally around 4PM the results showed up!
I was at work and all day long I was super nervous. Like I had that weird feeling in my stomach, luckily I could talk about it with a colleague. At some point, my stepmom seemed more nervous than me! I immediately got up and called my dad, crying from happiness. I was so relieved and proud of myself. And then to hear everyone scream on the other side of the phone was really nice.

I started studying Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of London last year October. I had a little late start because I was just finishing my Communication degree. Working fulltime and studying fulltime ain't no piece of cake. Same amount of study points as a fulltime university student would do. Pew!! A lot of free time was put into that. Every evening after work and Saturday morning plus the whole Sunday. Can't believe I pulled this off, ha!

Next year is starting soon and I'm super excited! I know that I'll miss out on a lot of fun and have barely any spare time, but, I enjoy studying!

I still feel I'm on Cloud 9 so I will enjoy this feeling for a little longer. ;-) Also, so proud of my fellow UoL students who also passed and study while having work and/or families!

I hope for all of the students everyone has goods results as well!! How are you celebrating?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back From Indonesia!

Botanic garden in Jakarta

For those who are following me on instagram already know I'm back from Indonesia for a week and a half. After my three week vacation to Java and Bali I had another week off from work. Even though I didn't plan it, but that last week of holiday (and the first few days back at work) made it to my four weeks off of blogging.

I must say, I did miss it! Now that I'm typing again and the last few days thinking of what I should write down made me realize that this is what I love. I love turning my thoughts into written words and have this little space on the internet as a creative outlet. That includes my two instagram accounts and my twitter account. ;-)

Of course I will post more detailed travel stories later, but here is just a little roundup:

 Borobudur temple in Java

Prambanan temple in Java 

With the son of Ketut Liyer who read my palm in Bali. 

Tanah Lot temple during sunset in Bali
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