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Friday, June 26, 2015

Traveling To Indonesia: Java & Bali!

It's finally time! Today we're traveling to our first stop in Indonesia: Jakarta! First we'll travel through Java and then go to Bali. Can't wait!

You can follow me on Instagram to see all of my/our adventures! Also, I made a new Instagram account: misswd_fit! I wanted another account solely for my fitness progress and for motivation. I will update both when I'm traveling!



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Books For Summer!

My books came in at work from Amazon today! I made a careful selection of books which seemed appropriate for this summer. Not only for on my flight to and from Indonesia, but also while lying on the beach, near the pool and when I´m back in Rotterdam reading on my balcony.

I love to read classics and I finally bought Moby Dick! Can´t wait to read that one. I also wanted adventure books so Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Robinson Cruscoe. But also a more resent adventure book Wild, by Sheryl Strayed. I read so many good reviews and it's also a movie with one of my faves, Reese Witherspoon now, so it must be good. Think it might fit our trip through Java!

A few newer choices are 'We are completely beside ourselves' and 'The shock of the fall' which I picked off the bestsellers list. Sometimes I need a little help picking out newer book (hence the love for classics), so reading reviews helps!

And I finally bought 'Thrive' by Arianna Huffington. I follow her on Twitter and The Huffington Post on Instagram and I'm a fan so far. I'm secretly hoping it will be as great as Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In which has a great impact on me. Can't wait to read this one either. I'm sure it will be read when I'm on my balcony, enjoying my last few days off after Indonesia!

No the big question... which ones shall I pack for Jave & Bali...?!

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's Summer!

Welcome Sun ! - zü
Happy summer everyone! This means it's finally time for my summer vacation which is later this week! Only four days of work to go and then my bf and I are on our way to Jakarta!!
This past Sunday we went for a last little shopping spree. We picked up my prescribed sunglasses and a pair of Ray Ban's which look great on my bf. Also, I really needed some extra bikini bottoms. ;-)
This weekend started off great with a networking event the boss of my bf invited me to. Beautiful little plates of food, drinks and famous Dutch chefs.

We got to stay in a hotel and the best part of that was the breakfast buffet. Bye bye diet!

Later that Saturday we drove to my dad and stepmom to see each other before our holiday. Then we went to my mom and stepdad for dinner near the beach. We had such a good time! It's so nice that I saw all four of my parents before our exciting trip!

Picture source

Friday, June 19, 2015

White Pencil Dress With Flowers

To me this is the perfect summer dress for work and to social outings like a brunch or networking event. The pencil shape is a stapler in my closet, but I don't own a lot of white let alone color and flowers!
Dress & shoes (old) both by Zara.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meeting New People

Last Saturday Mandy and I and two friends of hers went to Boothstock festival here in Rotterdam. This was our third time and had a great time!

First the four of us had some cake and tea and after we went on our bikes to the park where the festival was. On a festival it's easy to like each other because you're there for the same reasons. You like the same music and want to dance!

Too bad they went home at 7PM, but soon enough Mandy ran into a friend I have had seen a couple of times too. She was with a big group mixed of Dutch, English and American friends who came from London (and one from New York), just to see the festival! The rest of the night we danced with the group and I had so much fun! I loved hearing the English and American accents! They were really nice and it's so easy to interact when you both love the music and all you want to do is dance.

After the festival we even went to their hotel (which is the same building as my office) to prepare for the after party we went to. I'm so glad that they enjoyed the after party because they really wanted to party some more and I brought them there.

I'm always open to meet new people and always think the more the merrier. It was just such a fun unprepared night that I couldn't have imagined was so great! I'm still in contact with some of them on social media and whatsapp, so who knows what the future will bring!

Music makes the people come together. :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Brown Leather Skirt and Black Shirt

This leather skirt is so beautiful, elegant and light. It's from Zara and it's made from goat's leather. Love the cognac color and the perfect length. Plus, it's also nice to wear in winter with hosiery. The short black sweater, also from Zara, makes it a nice outfit for the office. Shoes from Buffalo.



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cute Summer Outfits

Katie's Bliss | Vacation Outfit http://www.katiesbliss.com/2015/05/mink-pink-gingham-skirt.html/
Warmer weather is upon us! I have already been shopping a lot for clothes for Indonesia and also bought some new summer outfits for the office. But, because summer hasn't officially started yet, I'm still in for some summer outfits inspiration!
Street Style: Jessica Hart Makes A Chic Case For Peach Flares
preppy summer outfit: lace top, scalloped shorts, wicker handbag, simple ankle strap sandals
Preppy Summer Outfit: Scalloped Romper, Wicker Handbag, Bow Wedges, Sun Hat // @bowsandsequins
Derby Dress // @bowsandsequins
Picture source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Sunny Weekend

So nice to finally have a warm weekend again! Friday was really tropically with 30 degrees Celsius but it was doable in the office.  I wore this new shirt with says "boef" which means sacral in Dutch and a pink skirt.
After work my bf and I looked for some prescribed sunglasses for me and they will be ready in two weeks. Just in time for Indonesia! 
Saturday it cooled off a bit and we went to my bf's parents to celebrate his sister's birthday. The sun was great and lots of nice food. :)
Sunday morning we went for a run and I felt so good! In the afternoon we went to 'Swan Market' which had a lot of local stands and great food like bbq! Hope the weather stays like this for a long time and even warmer soon!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Protein Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

While I was studying for my exams, I wanted to have a healthy, sweat and satisfying snack. I love to eat cookies, but they're not good for your diet! These filling because of the protein powder and naturally sweet because of the raisins.
Basic batter ingredients: oatmeal, scoop of protein powder, (this is cookies & cream taste, so perfect for this batter.), banana & milk.
Options to add: cinnamon, raisins & almonds. 
Mix everything together, make 7 balls and make them a little flatter in cookie shape and put them in the oven on 180 degrees celsius for 18 minutes!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Flying Dutch Festival

Last Saturday I finally got to see one of my favorite DJs live: HARDWELL! Yay! My other favorites where Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero and Afrojack.

Eleven of the best Dutch DJs were flying around in helicopters to preform in three cities on the same day. New concept and a great idea if I may say so. Did you know Hardwell is currently the number one DJ of the world?!

And I found a guy who was willing to have me on his shoulders while Hardwell was playing. Perfect few! Haha!

I was going with my friend Mandy and we soon met up with a bigger growing group. So much fun!

 Hardwell :)

Timetable of the three cities. 

The full stage. 

At night. 

And Afrojack was closing with DJ Paul Elstak. For the Dutch readers who might know of him. ;-)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey June

Hello june
Happy June everyone!
Can't believe we're almost halfway through the year. The last few months have gone by so fast and I have done so many nice things already. But this month will be extra special. Here are the things I look forward to in June:
  • At the end of the month I'll go to Indonesia with my bf. Dream coming true!
  • Next week Saturday it's my bf's little sister's birthday and looking forward to see everyone again and to sit in the garden, It will be so warm!
  • The weekend after that I'll go to another festival with a girlfriend. Hoping for short shorts weather!
  • The weekend before our trip we have a networking event after work of my bf and some of his colleagues. Looking forward to it and already know which dress to wear. ;-)
  • That Saturday we'll have dinner with my mom and stepdad. And that Sunday it will be father's day, so I might see my dad before our trip too!
  • June 26th we'll fly to Jakarta, can't wait!!

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