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Friday, May 29, 2015

My Cold Weather Running Outfit

This outfit is great for those cold pre summer mornings. Spring hasn't really gotten broken through here in the Netherlands, so I'm glad I bought this outfit. Everything is from H&M and the shoes from Nike.
I forgot how much I love to run and especially outside. Put on your shoes and you can practically run everywhere. I like to listen to music and use an app that says how fast I'm going. This gives me an extra push to go a little faster.

Pre running pic in my bedroom.

Don't forget to stretch! Just 'grab' a tree. ;-)

One of my favorite stretches. It's so easy to forget the arms.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three Day Weekend

This was a great three day weekend! I really took everything out of the days and relaxed so much.
Friday evening Lindsey came along and we had snacks and wine. She will go to Houston for 7 weeks next Saturday so I'll miss her lots!
Saturday my bf and I did some more shopping and had ice cream as a snack. I know, so bad!
Sunday my dad, stepmom and brother came for a lunch buffet. Everyone brought something and we ate so much!
At the end of the day when everyone went home my bf and I went to the park to lie on a rug on the grass and enjoy the sun. It was perfect (see first picture).
And on Monday my bf came up with the idea to go to a pool, but all the pools were closed and since I wanted to go to the gym, I came up with the idea to go to Mainport hotel like I did last summer.
They have a gym with an amazing view so after a sweat, we went for a refreshing dip in the pool and after we went in the sauna and steaming bath.

Friday, May 22, 2015

What To Eat During Exam Or Study Time

While I was studying for my exams that fulltime week and the 1,5 week of exams, I was hungry all the time. But, I did make sure to eat healthy and I'm proud of myself for not buying and eating any sweets! Even if that's a study favorite of mine.
Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, raisins, half a banana. Plus, a slice of bread and peanut butter two hours after breakfast, around one hour before the exam.
One time I was actually hungry during the exam, the worst! Bringing half a banana is the solution.
Snack: piece of fruit & an egg or trail mix. During my exam week I had trail mix with a few pieces of chocolate in there, so good! A little extra treat.
Lunch: toast with salmon and a slice of toast with cheese. I normally don't eat cheese, but now I needed the extra calories and I love the taste. Salmon for omega 3 = brain food!
And a homemade oatmeal, protein cookie. So good!
Dinner: fish or chicken with veggies and something of carbs like noodles, potatoes or rice. I barely eat carbs at night, but during my exam week I really needed it! Extra calories, plus carbs is good for concentration. And it makes me sleep better. ;-)
I hope these tips are helpful to you during finals!
Good luck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Me SUP Boarding!

I finally went Supping last week! Last Thursday was a national holiday in the Netherlands and also the first free Thursday after my last exam that Tuesday, so I wanted to do something fun.
Luckily it was a sunny day and not too much wind, perfect for SUP boarding!
It's actually much harder than I thought. The whole paddle must go through the water and that's the hardest part. Actually standing up was the easiest part after falling once. :P
It's a great workout for abs and back. Who said workouts are for the gym only?!
Can't wait to do it again in Bali!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Halfway There

I saw this quote on the Instagram of Levo League right before my two last exams and I found it very inspiring. I sent it to Anne, a fellow University of London student to give her the extra push too and I posted it on my Instagram.

Believing in yourself is often very hard to do and it's much easier to rely on other people. When someone says: 'I believe you can do it'. It's easier to reply with 'really?' than with, yes I know, I'm going to ace this!

But at the moment of truth, whether it's right before a test, speech or job interview, it all depends on you. It's nice to have a solid support system behind you to give you extra encouragement, but you have to do it by yourself, all alone.
So believe in yourself, even if you don't really do at that moment. Stand with your two fists to your sides, open your chest like a 'hero pose' and think yourself as a winner and say to yourself you can do it!

Doing so will give you way more confidence and it will enhance your performance and self confidence no matter what!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Upate

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks but I have a good reason. Like I have had announced before: I had my exams! Six back to back exams starting last week Tuesday and the last one was today!!

I celebrated the exams were over together with my fellow University of London student Anne. She is German but lives in Amsterdam and I've been in contact with her for the past academic year. Certainly these past few weeks we have really been there for each other. It's so nice to have someone who goes through the exact same thing. We gave each other study tips, last minute info and of course exchanged our thoughts of the exam we just had that day.

We celebrated with spare ribs and white wine outside in the sun at a nice restaurant/bar in Rotterdam. Perfect end! And I must say, the exams went fine! I cannot tell anything for sure yet. We have to wait 12 whole weeks until we know the results...

Today after lunch I packed up all of my books. Seeing the empty shelf feels sooo good! Well I must say, I'm actually looking forward to next year as the courses seem so excited and this is the first year we can choose some of our own!

Even though I study online I've met some very nice people over Skype and Anne in real life too. Studying online is really hard and asks for a lot of self discipline. But certainly towards the end I choose to go out less often, missed my girlfriends and luckily my bf was sweet enough to cope with me during the stress pre-exam days.

So glad this academic year is over. I will enjoy summer holiday for a couple of months and go back to work today (Wednesday) after a two and a half week study break.

Studying for my last exam on my balcony!

Back to blogging again too! Missed it a lot!
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