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Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Study-Break Tips

I study six days a week, only not on Friday. Monday to Thursday after work, Saturday morning and Sunday the whole day. That's a lot. Which requires a lot of study-breaks as well. I try to have a 5-10 minute break every 50-60 minutes with a half an hour lunch break on Sundays.

Here are some of my study-break tips which don't contain food!

  • Have a little dance break: I put on Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' and listen to it once or twice. This song is so uplifting and contagious. How can you sit still while listening to this song? It makes me feel better and literally helps me to shake things off so that I can concentrate better at work or on my studies.
  • Take a brisk walk: after sitting inside for a long time, it's nice to stretch your legs and to take some deep breaths of fresh are.
  • Go to the gym: I've said it before: the gym is a life changer for me. I absolutely love going to the gym during my lunch break. Besides the physical aspect, it empties my head as well. It clears my head so I don't have a full, dull head all day. After going to the gym (I do cardio and lifting every day), you should be able to remember more of your studies.
  • Call someone: talking about anything but your studying is a great distraction. Then you'll have new energy to study in calmth again.
  • Read something easy: a nice book, a magazine, a newspaper, a blog. Just to put your mind off of things without turning on the TV.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Favorite Gowns From The Oscars 2015

Maybe I'm a little bit late, but here are my favorite gowns of the Oscars! With both Jennifers as number 1. Stunning!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

A Relaxed Weekend

This weekend started by going for a haircut, which was really needed. A different hairdresser cut my hair and she did a good job, but she blew-drew it in a how I call it, 'Barbie-style' hairdo. :P But I was too lazy too style it again for my night out, so I left the curls in.

Went out for prosecco and nachos with my friend Mandy and talked a lot!

Saturday night my bf and I stayed in. Before dinner we had some snacks and champagne. Later I cooked and we watched La vita è bella. A couple of years ago I watched that movie for the first time and it made me cry. It's such a beautiful film!! Must see!

And two little selfies which shows my bf carrying me two ways as I sprained my ankle Thursday evening. It's less thick already but still hurts. No heels or running for a while! :(


Friday, February 20, 2015

Chinese Year Of The Goat

Happy Chinese New Year! There has been some confusion of the Chinese translation whether it's the year of the goat or the sheep. It loosely translates to: 'horned animal'.

Our new year is going on now for about two months and a lot has happened already. One of the highlights is I must say, our Valentine's weekend to Zürich! Also at work a lot is changing. A couple of colleagues who are dear to me left, or will leave soon, which make the office totally different. However, some of these changes make room for other people to grow which makes me really excited and looking forward to see what the next few months will be like.

Recently I started working out 5 times a week instead of 4. Going to the gym during lunch break makes my head clear for the rest of the day and make me feel more energized in general. I love the feeling of my arms, legs and abs when I just trained them. Often I joke with my colleagues when I flex my arms. Haha, it makes me laugh while typing it. ;-)

Of course also this year (last year I wrote about the year of the horse), I found a nice link for the year of the goat. If you want to know your Chinese zodiac, you can check the website as well. I was born in the year of the dragon, seems 2015 will be a pretty good year for me! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Long Weekend In Zürich

This was out first weekend away together and it was so romantic! It was an 8 hour trip back and forth with the car with an hour/hour and a half rest. I've never been to Switzerland, but Zürich was on my to do list. And what better weekend it could be than Valentine's weekend?!

Two panorama pictures from the city view and mountain Hoch-Ybrich
Picturesque view of Zürich.

On Friday we walked through the city to see all the highlights and to take pictures of the views.

On Valentine's Day we went hiking in the Alps! It was an hour drive to Hoch-Ybrig and about 1,5-2 hours for a 5k climb up. Must say, it was pretty hard and steep. But it was so worth it!

Breath taking views...
It was such a sunny day and I got warm from all the climbing that I could walk in my thin sweater alone!

And at the top we ate some soup and rösti for some energy for a 5k walk back. A lot easier then up!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Away For The Weekend

For about a month ago we booked a long weekend away in Zürich, Switzerland. This weekend was of course the best weekend because Saturday is Valentine's Day! So from Thursday to Sunday we'll be out of the country and enjoy our long weekend away.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Want a special Valentine's Day without the price tag? Take some time away from wedding planning with these fun Valentine's Day date ideas!
Whether you're going on a hot date or have some fun with your friends because it's a Saturdaynight, why not dress up a little for Valentine's Day?!
Here are some cute outfit inspirations:
Add the red shoes for a Valentine's day date night outfit. Super cute!
Kiss Me Darling: a Valentines Look featuring Fevrie and Chicwish / Giveaway valentines day outfit, holiday outfit, Christmas outfit, red skirt, lace blouse, nude heels
Merrick's art floral skirt
Nice people dating make sure they stand out from the crowd! #Firstdate #Fashion #Onlinedating
What to Wear on Valentine's Day: 6 Outfit Ideas | Lookastic for Women
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Black Leather Boots and Gray Top

These are my new leather boots from Buffalo and I love them! Ever since I bought the black booties of theirs I fell in love with the brand and I also purchased black pumps.
They might be too sexy for the office, but combined with a nice top I think everything is toned down and wearable for a informal office like ours.
Gray top from Zara, worn before here.


Monday, February 2, 2015

And Just Like That; It's February

GUYS ! Well..my birthday was yesterday and the reason i didn't post anything is because you guys don't care so...Hi
It's February! Just like that.
For the last week of January I was really looking forward to February. Not that I didn't had fun things planned last month -because I did a lot- but I'm just looking forward for what is yet to come.

Mid-February I have planned something special which I won't tell you yet, but really soon. We planned it about 2-3 weeks ago so you can imagine February couldn't come fast enough.

And this month marks Valentine's Day!! Yay!! Can't wait to make it the most romantic day (see above) of the year yet (ha!)! ;-)
Yesterday I finished planning my whole calendar for this month with my studies and assignment. It daunting yet it feels good to have such a full calendar of studies in front of my in my study room.
Also at work exciting things are happening and I actually can't wait to see how they will turn out. After all, we just started a new year and the new year is all about new things and changes, correct? Bring them on, we're ready.
Besides all the planned things, I'm also looking forward to the unplanned things.
Maybe there's a way we can start with a clean slate?

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