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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Inspiration: We're Ready

Just a little reminder for all of you and myself that we are READY. If we wouldn't be ready for it, we wouldn't attract it to our lives. I like to think of it that way, especially when things can get all too much sometimes.
Let's tackle this Friday, it's almost weekend!
You're capable of more than you know.
Side note: yesterday the headquarters of the eight o'clock 'NOS' news were evacuated after an armed man entered the building who demanded air time. It was scary to see the footage, the whole evening I was following updates live and I'm glad no one got harmed. Read more in English here.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DE at home: My Study Room/Home Office

I thought I'd share my study room on here because I spend so much time there. The room got a whole makeover in October when I started studying at Royal Holloway, University of London. I wanted a space I felt good in as I knew I would a lot of time there. It's a light white room as all of the rooms are in my apartment. The same color walls and a white desk and two huge white book cases.
As I'm a visual learner, the wall is partially (the ceilings are very high in my apartment which makes everything airy and roomy) covered with a monthly calendar, seminar & assignments due dates, a notice board I got from Lindsey for vacation cards and quick notes and inspirational quotes and a picture of the founder's building of Royal Holloway.
My daily planner for study activities.

I've little things on my desk and I've kept only the essentials apart from the little plant. I wanted something lively there.

My bookcase! There's still so much space left for the coming years and for one of my biggest hobbies: reading!

This year's study books + other books I currently need.


Monday, January 26, 2015

World Economic Forum: Inspiring Quotes from Davos 2015

The end of January marks the week for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Just like last year I rounded up my favorite quotes.
Please go to their website to watch interviews, discussions and speeches on weform.org.

Quotes via weforum

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Through Glasses

I kind of like life through glasses because, you know, the little thing that it makes me see better!! It still frustrates me though, that I need them. I get reminded constantly that I need them for distance when I want to read a sign, see someone's face who is a bit further away or drive a car (not safe without!).
Luckily, I don't need glasses while behind the computer at work, studying or reading so it isn't all too bad.
Plus, I think they look really cute on me! Got nothing but compliments. :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Books To Read

Reading on Second Christmas Day at my mom's place.

I absolutely love to read and I can call myself a bookworm without any hesitation or shame. Because of my study I already read a couple of hours per day. But leisure reading is what I do after studying at night or in bed. Love cuddling up on the couch on a rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoon with some tea. Or reading in the sun in summer while getting a tan.

Here are a few books I'm currently reading or recently read:

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott Started reading this book just before Christmas (see above) and it's the perfect book during Christmas/NYE and winter. I've seen the movie a couple of times so felt like I had to read this classic. A girl's must read!

Hard Choices - Hillary Rodham Clinton This book is also on my nightstand as I read memoires from time to time. Absolutely love to see all the events through Clinton's mind and her personal perspective. I've expressed my liking for Hillary before here and here so this was a natural edition to my bookcase.

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy I really enjoy reading classic books in old English. It was originally published in 1877 in Russian and the version I read was translated in 1918 so plenty of old English words. 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Inspiration

Shake it off

The case of the Mondays... Whether you're in college or going to work, Mondays are hard for everyone. Here are a few quotes for motivation!

just like that...♥

be your own hero.

let them go

too much thinking

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Black Dress and Black Glasses

Yes, I have glasses!! Really, eye opening. Everything is in HD! I only need them to look far, so I don't need them for the computer/work, reading and studying. But it's great for walking in the city, watching TV and staring in the distance. :P
I thought it was a nice way to introduce my glasses (this is pair one out of three!) with a sleek ponytail and red lips. I'm wearing a black dress from Vanilia with leather sleeves. Glasses by Ralph Lauren.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Healthy Study Snacks

During the week I'm studying after work and dinner, so I don't snack a lot after. But on Sunday, when I'm studying all day long, I rely on healthy brain fueling foods.

Here are my healthy study snacks which keep me going and won't snooze off!

  • mixed nuts with dried fruits: it fills me up and it has a little sweetness to cover my sweet tooth.
  • yoghurt with black berries: yogurt helps improve alertness and memory. 
  • fruit: for high energy.
  • banana or apple with peanut butter
  • raw veggies with hummus
  • water: I can't stress this enough, drink water! Without enough hydration you can lose your concentration, feel faint, and lose your energy
  • eat a lot of candy: candy will give you a quick energy kick, but then you get a low and want to fall asleep above your books.
*** Tip ***

Eat your snacks and your meals away from your desk (when possible, see above). Eating will distracting you from studying. Not just the chewing, but also looking up each time and what about the crumbs? Also, when you don't pay attention to your food while eating, you don't feel full after.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Things To Look Forward To In 2015

Last week I wrote a blog about some of my favorite moments of 2014. The new year is not just a moment to look back and reflect, but also to look forward. Here a few things in 2015 that I'm already looking forward to:

I'm already planning two trips in the coming year and I couldn't be more excited. One short vacation coming soon and a long trip in the end of the summer. Can't wait to go to placed I've never been to, explore new things and most importantly, exploring them with the person I'm going with.

It may sound weird, but I'm actually looking forward to the final exams in May. Because then, summer vacation starts and then I'll have time for everything again and more. Also, when results are out in August, it will mean that I can go into second year, Advanced, and that I'm one year closer to my degree!

Another weird thing to look forward to, but hello! good sight?! :P Especially when I'm in the car. ;-)

I'm looking forward to blog in 2015 as it has brought so much fun to me in 2014 and the years before. It's nice to write things 'off' and to unleash my creativity sometimes. Planning for a nice fresh up for my blog!

The unknown
The new year always brings a little excitement with it. All the things that will happen that no one knows yet. Someone told me (no, not a friend or family member, keeping things vague here ;-)) that 2015 will be a great year for me. "Just wait and see" I was told. I didn't really know what to say about it because, what does that person know? But it opened my eyes. While I was afraid for certain things, those words made sense. To actually look forward to things! Even the scared and the unknown.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Heartbroken by the devastating news from Paris. My thoughts go out to the journalists who died for their freedom and the policemen. We, the Netherlands stand united as one behind France.

Je Suis Charlie

Freedom of speech

Freedom of press


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Back on Track

This week is my firs week after a well deserved two week Christmas break. I didn't work out, apart from the occasional walk. Barely ate fruit or veggies apart at dinner time (if cooked or served) and maybe an apple and banana here and there. But the worst part: I barely did any studying.

The first three days of my vacation, were a well needed break of studying and after Christmas I thought I could jump right back on board. I did some reading, however, not sufficiently to actually feel productive over my break and that I actually accomplished something. Not a good feeling.

So this Monday I joined a study group through Skype. I talked with people from Canada, India, Zimbabwe and Thailand (which is a Dutch guy!). It was really helpful to talk with them and discuss Accounting and ask question. Had a nice time while doing so as well! These guys motivated me to work even harder and I scheduled the next 'meeting' this Thursday to discuss Management. A big hooray for my fellow students! Couldn't do it without them.

Together with work, gym time started as well. And I feel sore!! But it feels so good and energizing! I need exercise in my life to keep healthy and to get an even stronger and toned body. But now I started University I feel that I need it to study better too. Not just for a clear mind, but to remember better.

This Saturday I bought lots of fruit and ingredients to cook for myself again. I really don't want to get the famous post-holidays cold/flu so I'm sure to eat my vitamins and have a multivitamin a day as well.

Good luck with getting back on track! Here my posts from last year for: Getting Back to the Grind and First Day Back to Work.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Favorite Moments of 2014

Hope everyone had a Great Christmas and New Years! I had a two week Christmas break and it was filled with great people, laughter, Christmas movies, presents and lots of great food. You can check my Instagram and follow along! Today is the first day back to work. Yikes!

As this year has just begun, I wanted to sit back and reflect to my favorite moments of 2014. This year went by so fast and so much has happened. It's weird to think that something happened was just a few months ago.

2014 was the year of feeling the most intense love I ever had to feeling left alone and naked in the cold.
After being miserable for a while I slowly climbed up to be happily single and truly content with myself and my life. And just like that, love hit me in the face again and it couldn't have come more unexpectedly. It feels great and was perfect way to end this year with this feeling.

In March I made a trip with the (then) guy which was so special en memorable. The place was beautiful. I hope he knows how special I felt throughout the trip and that I'll never forget the experience/trip.

Because of my break up I needed my friends more than ever. Calling them up while crying or just talking over things with a bottle of wine on my couch or at a wine bar. In November I wrote that I'm grateful for my best friend who stood (and stands) by me through my darkest hours.

More toned and strong. Since June 2013 I'm going to the gym in my office's building because colleague convinced me. Now I'm going four times a week to the gym and I love the feeling I have after the workout. I can run harder and longer and lift heavier weights.

2014 was a great year for my studies! I graduated for Communications and without barely any break I started with Bachelor of Business Administration.

Loved doing all the fashion shoots we did for Dashingly Elevating! Have so many beautiful pictures now and loved that inspired others with my outfits!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year + One Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great and safe time on New Year's Eve! We first had some snacks and champagne at my place and then went to a party to ring in the new year while dancing. To me, that's the perfect way!

January 1st also marks the 1st year anniversary of Dashingly Elevating! I've been having so much fun writing on Blogger and I love to have my own domain name.

Here's to a happy, healthy year filled with friends, loved ones, goals, travels and kisses! Make 2015 count!!

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