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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trips Of 2015

The year 2015 was definitely a good year when it comes to traveling. Now that it's almost 2016 and so far in the year, I think it's fun to look back at the lovely and beautiful trips we had this year. 

From the first to the last, here are the trips of 2015!

Zürich, Switzerland

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

And just with a blink of an eye and a few clinks with glasses, Christmas is over. I hope everyone had a great time! Just three more days of work and then I'll be off for New Years Eve. But before we celebrate the biggest party of the year, I wanted to look back at Christmas 2015.

What I loved about this Christmas is that everyone came to my house this year. We in the Netherlands have two official Christmas Days, so lots of partying and food. Which also meant lots of food prep, entertaining and dishes!

Here is a small impression of those days. Sunday Christmas was officially ended by eating left overs and drinking Spanish wine while watching 'White Christmas' on Netflix. Hope everyone had a holly jolly good time!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Second Christmas Day!

Have a holly jolly Christmasenkele kaartformaat: 148 x 105 mm350 gram chromosulfaatkarton matKleuren: zwart-wit-goudmerk: Kekootje:

To those who celebrate Second Christmas Day (like us Dutchies) or Boxing day: I hope you all have a lot of fun, laughter, food in your bellies and lovely people around you!

Margaret Berg Art: Merry Mistletoe:

Picture source 1 & 2

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Margaret Berg Art : Illustration : holiday / christmas:

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! May it be celebrated with family and friends, filled with love, good food and lots of holiday cheer!

Margaret Berg Art : Illustration : holiday / christmas:

Picture source 1 & 2

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Christmas Eve!

What's your favourite #Christmas memory? Share with us in our Christmas short story contest: http://digiwriting.com/short-story-contests/themed-short-story-contest/:

Not only do I have a day off today to relax, go to the gym and do some final food shopping today; I'll also celebrate tonight with lots of food and Christmas movies!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Printables:

Picture source: 1 & 2

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DE at home: Christmas Decorations

 Finally a picture of my Christmas tree! In spirit of Christmas week, I thought I would share my Christmas decorations. With this, I'll be in true Christmas spirit, in all important rooms!

An new star lamp on top of my book shelf and some extra decorations like a music box with an elf inside.

New cinnamon H&M scented candle with blue light holder we bought in Düsseldorf last year.

Up & close my tree. I added some new ornaments this year along with cookies I got from Lindsey, wooden ones we bought on a Christmas market in Düsseldorf, and an apple which will always remind me of NYC. 

Also my study room at home is in has some holiday cheer with a scented candle and an Christmas tree vase for a flower.

My desk at work! Although a colleague and I decorated our department, I wanted a little extra cheer with this Christmas tree vase as well!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holly Jolly

Most Wonderful Time by Alethea and Ruth:

I'm in such Christmas spirit, that I've dedicated a whole week to Christmas on my blog and declared this as Christmas week. Enjoy the days leading to the 25th! 

Please make sure to follow me on instagram @DashinglyElevating for more Christmas fun!

Picture source

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Movies

Can't believe this is Christmas week! Time is going so fast, especially when you're in Christmas spirit since December 1st. I think the days (weeks) leading to Christmas Day is just as fun as the actual day itself. Decorating our offices at work, listening to Christmas songs, lighting scented candles, decorating my apartment and tree and drinking hot coco.

I'm in Christmas spirit all the way!

And of course, one thing that cannot miss during this time of year: Christmas movies! Below a list of my favorite Christmas movies!

  • A Christmas Carol: Although I love the animated retelling of 2009 starring Jim Carrey, I love all movies of this story.
  • The Holiday: Absolutely love this one. Great actors, great story. But: what happens after New Year's Eve?! Always wanted to know! ;-)
  • Arthur Christmas: Beautiful animated movie, capturing Christmas spirit and eventure.
  • The Grinch: One of my childhood Christmas stories, starring Jim Carrey.
  • You´ve Got Mail: Can't remember how much I've seen this movie. Won't ever tire of it. Plus, it stars Tom Hanks.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: I remember watching this movie after we had our Christmas dinner I made for my then boyfriend years (and years) ago. I guess I have a thing for animated Christmas movies.
  • The Polar Express: Starring my favorite actor Tom Hanks, again, lots of animated cuteness.
  • Little Women: During this time last year I read the book by Louisa May Alcott, and always have enjoyed the movie.
  • While You Were Sleeping: Classic. One I can watch every year, also when it's not winter!
  • The Santa Clause: Just watched this one a couple of days ago and I still really enjoyed it!
  • Elf: So many funny quoted come from this movie! "Smiling is my favorite!" Absolutely a funny and lovely movie, different than any other.
  • Love Actually: My ultimate Christmas movie. I can watch this movie year in, year out, weather spring or snow. 


Friday, December 18, 2015

What I Keep In My Dagne Dover Clutch-Wallet

I received my Dagne Dover Clutch-Wallet and card case last week! I have the DD Tote for a year now and because I love it so much, I really wanted the other accessories as well. As the name says it, you can use it as a clutch, or a wallet. I will use it daily as a wallet and from time to time as a clutch. For example, on my office party I will wear it as a clutch!

You can see me wearing my Dagne Dover Tote here.

I love that I can take the wallet part out of the clutch when I'm running for errands. enough space for your cards, cash and coins locked with a zipper.

LOVE that I can fit my iPhone 6 in the clutch and that it secures with a zipper. There're also other small compartments for make up, receipts or even a passport. 

If I want, I can secure my keys to the clutch strap. And how clever is the little space for a lip gloss or pen?

The clutch-wallet came with a longer strap as well so that I can wear it as a cross body. Great for going out and dancing, or shopping and having your hands free!

And of course it fits perfectly in my Dagne Dover Tote!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cold Preventing Tea

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this tea recipe just when I started sniffing. I really didn't want to get a cold so I was willing to try anything. Guess what? It works! Well, at least I like to think so. Bonus: it tastes good as well. I thought the ginger would have an overwhelming taste, but that is not the case. Scroll down for the recipe! 

Ingredients: ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper.

Cut a piece of ginger into little pieces and pour hot water over it. Set aside until cool enough to drink. Then squeeze in half a lemon and 1-2 dashes of cayenne pepper. I even like three!

The tea makes me really warm and cozy. It feels great for my throat as well. 
Just give it a try!


Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Themed Wedding

Last week Thursday I attended a wedding and I was one of the witnesses too! The picture above was taken in the morning before I left home.
Because there were Christmas trees everywhere, we got a a very Christmas feeling throughout the day.

I took this pic after the ceremony with the corsage we all wore which matched the bouquet. Outside photographers (two!) took pictures of the bride and groom next to a huge Christmas tree and cute white chapel. 

For dinner we went to a lovely restaurant which used to be an stable. It was all decorated for Christmas and it had a huge Christmas tree outside as well! I've been there before and love the Dutch food they serve. This time I got appetizers to share and duck for the main course.

All in all it was a beautiful, emotional day (I gave a speech too) but most of all: unforgettable! 


Friday, December 11, 2015

Two Colored Jacket & Dagne Dover Tote

I like that this two-colored jacket from Zara breaks the black outfit. The booties from Buffalo, faux leather cuts from the jacket and red lips makes it a biker feel to it. This was shot around 5 PM, while the sun was down and you can see the moon already. Perfect backdrop for this outfit.

Tote is from Dagne Dover. My ultimate favorite work bag for over a year now! Placed my second order and it's scheduled to arrive this week!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Easy Paleo Breakfasts

Since the holidays have started, so did come the sweets and bad eating habits. I find myself snacking on things that lay in the kitchen of my work. My normal breakfast is two slices of bread, but I don't find that satisfying or healthy. I usually ate a Paleo approved breakfast, and that is exactly what I intent to do again. Slowly opting a complete Paleo lifestyle back into my life again. Why wait till the holidays are over if you can have a head start?

Here are some breakfasts options that I found online which are super easy, quick and Paleo approved. Tried the egg ham scramble and it was yummy and filling!

Paleo Oatmeal

paleo oatmeal:

Spinach and Ham Scramble Recipe

spinach and ham scramble:

5-minute Paleo Breakfast MuffinIMG_8660:

Apple Pie Omelet

Apple Pie Omelet


Monday, December 7, 2015

December Read

This month I finally started reading 'Me Before You' by Jojo Moyes. It was on my shelf for so long because I only read classics for over a year (a part from 'Hard Choices' by Hillary Clinton). While I'm still very much into classics and have some on my shelf left and many on my wish list, I was ready for a more easy read and a book so many women a talking about.

After chapter one I got the 'Aha, I know where this is going!' moment and I can't wait to further read this novel and savior the cold, dark nights with hot tea or mulled wine!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Gray Swift Dress And Cozy Cardigan

Because of the cold, rainy weather I almost would leave this Zara dress (last seen here) hanging in my closet for the rest of the fall and winter. But when I bought this super warm and cozy cardigan at Zara, I thought it was a great combo. Plus, this look is still refined enough for the office, without getting cold!
Booties by Zara.

PS: I changed my instagram to @DashinglyElevating and twitter to @DashinElevating

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