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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mini Staycations

In two weeks I will have a week off from work and I plan to do a lot of fun things with my friends in and out my city, Rotterdam. While I'm already thinking of my vacation and making plans (see my Summer to-do list), I've been enjoying the warm weather already.

Last weekend I had a clear schedule and I read books on my balcony in the full sun for almost two days straight. I only did my normal weekend chores like cleaning and grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.

I live on a busy street in the city, but my balcony is on the other side of my apartment and looks out to a tree and some other apartments. When I sit there I almost never see a single person, nor do I hear anything. I really enjoyed the calmth midst the city buzz and welcomed the sunrays on my skin. Finally I have a little color! Which I happily showed off compared to the white stripe where my spaghetti top was. ;-)

I finally finished reading the book Daring Greatly by Brené Brown which inspired me a lot. I highly recommend it!

This weekend gave me rest which I really needed. I was so tired the past couple of weeks and most of my weekends are fully booked, which normally I love too! But this weekend felt like a mini staycation. Why not treat all of your weekends in the summer as mini staycations? For example: eat a whole weekend French or Italian food and have all of your meals all fresco. This Saturday I saw brioche with chocolate which reminded me of our family vacations to France. Normally I won't pick up foods like that, but this weekend I had my own (well deserved!) staycation.

Next weekend I'll go to an all day outside festival which, if warm weather, might as well feel like a staycation if I say so myself. ;-)

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Picture 2: my instagram

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Outfit Ideas For The Office

It's sunny, hot and sometimes humid. This can only mean one thing: summer! This means bare legs to the office, colorful prints and lots of airy neutrals! Below some summer outfit inspiration which keep you cool and stylish outside and still professional in the office.



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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Words...

No words can express what I want to say or how I feel about the shot down of the MH17 above Ukraine, Thursday July 17th. I've cried many times and feel angry and so much grieve. My evenings are filled with watching the news, hoping there're some movements. Yesterday our king gave a speech and tears welled up again. Our whole country mourns and our thoughts go out to the people who've lost loved ones.

I hope that all relatives and friends of the people who got killed in the crash will find peace and I hope the bodies of the victims will return to their home countries soon.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Outfit Post: Pink Skirt and White Blouse

It's super warm outside and all you want to wear are light colors. Light pastel pink skirt from Zara, white blouse with square dots from Mango and light gray pumps from Zara.
These pictures were shot at the Grand Central Station from Rotterdam, literally across from the building at work.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Telephone Talks

The other day I called my best friend on the phone with the presumption we'd talk very briefly. However, the call took about 70 minutes. We talked about our days, the weekend, friends, work, you get the point. We talked so much that my throat was soar, it was dinner time and the time to study was long gone.

When I talk on the phone, I always have to walk. I cannot stand still. I walk around the table, to the hallway, my bedroom, kitchen. Just like my dad. Haha, writing this makes me smile. My dad and I are so much alike. He and I can talk forever on the phone. Sometimes we call each other three times a week and then still we can think of things to talk about. Of course, other things I talk about with my BFF, but sometimes not. ;-)

I also love Skype/FaceTime. There I can talk to the same person for hours and hours. Spend a whole evening, having a glass of wine 'together' but then while the person on the other side is actually in an other country. With the iPad I have, this is a telephone talk I cannot live without.

To go back to my telephone talk with my BFF; I think we saved us a lot of typing that night. We discussed some things that I didn't want to type over WhatsApp just because I wanted to hear her reaction and because I wanted to tell the things in great detail.
That's a thing I love about having her as a friend, just like my dad, we always have something to say to each other. It never stops! Sometimes we watch a movie together, but don't actually see it. Haha!

Back in the day while I was living with my parents (even though we had MSN and saw each other in class all day) I talked to my friends on the house phone for hours. That until my stepdad nocked on the door to ask me if I could hand up the phone so that he could use the internet. Remember those days? Hahaha!

Fun fact: once I tried to watch a movie with someone over FaceTime. I have to LOL thinking about it. ;-)

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Outfit Post: Linen Summer Dress

When I saw this dress on mango.com I immediately fell in love. It's so different from what I own. The color, the fabric and the shape. It's a very light dress, but still professional. Great office dress for those super warm days.
Shoes from Zara.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer To-Do List

Inspired by Emily's To-Do list, I decided to share my own instead of just daydreaming the list in my head.

  • go to at least one outdoors dance festival
  • visit that new American restaurant in town
  • visit the cities Delft & Amsterdam again
  • make my office in my apartment new study ready (more about that later)
  • on that note, exam in the course that I'm currently taking: General Banking course
  • have a picnic at the lake in Rotterdam
  • go to the beach at Scheveningen and in Den Haag
  • finally long overdue museum trip to Boijmans
  • read the book "To Kill a Mockingbird"
  • have breakfast at the new breakfast bar
  • color my hair to something different... Meep!

What's on your summer to-do list? Are you free from school or are you working fulltime?

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Outfit Post: Blue Office Dress

A few weeks ago I went to a private reception which ended up in dancing. I just imagined this outfit and I had to buy the pieces together.
Earlier this week I wore this dress to the office as I think it's a perfect dress for work. As I walked on the street, random people gave me compliments! I think this is such a vibrant blue color, which truly pops out for summer.
Dress & pumps both from Zara.
Have nice weekend!


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