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Friday, May 23, 2014

To Read: Dating Advice from TV's Leading Ladies

Amazingly funny, accurate and time appropriate article from Lyndsay Rush at The Everygirl. I even sent the link to a single friend of mine, which means a lot.

One of my favorite quotes:

"I don’t need anyone. Because I can do every single thing that a person in a relationship can. Everything. Even zip up my own dress. You know, there are some things that are actually harder to do with two people. Such as monologues.” - Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

Read this article if you're single or want to have some more "feel good about yourself" from women from TV!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Workout Therapy

I go to the gym four times a week. And it's not really hard to go because the gym is in the same building as my work. So when I'm on lunch break, I take the elevator down and go to the hotel gym. For me, this routine turned into a habit which I now must do. Whether I'm annoyed from something from work, have a headache, or there's something going on in my private life, -it always works.

I started going after work, because I didn't want to take a quick shower and then reapply my make-up and I worried I didn't look good after. But then I would come home rather late and worse, super hungry. Undoing all the good work by snacking around before I had my dinner.
Bonus: it saves time and money because I won't go shopping during lunch hour.

When my head is loaded and it feels like it's about to over flood, I love to go on the treadmill and just run my legs out. A few weeks ago I started with 240 calories per 20 minutes, I'm now already to 320 calories per 20 minutes because I would increase speed and incline.
Bonus: it relaxed and burns calories

And sometimes, I really need it just to feel better. When something is just off in my privet live, working out makes me forget and clears my mind to think straight. I love to lift weights and feel the burnnn! It just takes my mind off of things and I say to myself: you can do it! Ha! You have to cheer to yourself, right?
Bonus: from working out you get endorphin and that makes you happy. I always leave the gym with a fulfilled feeling and much happier!

Since a few weeks I also take the bike to work. It's only 8 minutes for one way, but the day starts better with some fresh air and exercise. After work it's great to release some of my energy.
Bonus: fresh air

And on Monday I go to ballet class as well! I consider this just for fun, even though I use every muscle in my body!
Bonus: fun and a whole hour thinking on nothing more than ballet...

Do you like to work out?

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Outfit Post: Jeans and Blazer

For me this is the ultimate business casual. A dark blue jean with a t-shirt or blouse, a blazer and pumps. These Leopard pumps are a fun way to make a work outfit a little more playful.
Jeans: Levi's Blazer & Shirt: Pull & Bear Pumps: Van Dalen



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Read: Accepting the Single Status When Everyone Else is a Couple

A very touching blog post from Clarissa Fidler on The Everygirl which in some ways I can relate to. Please read her story below.

Somewhere during my teenage existence, I decided 23 was the perfect age to get married. I’m Mormon, which means people tend to marry young and start families sooner than the rest of society. I never wanted to be one of those girls waiting around to get married, but finding a mate has always been an important part of my life plan. I assumed by the time I graduated from college I would find a great guy to marry and we’d start our lives together. It was happening all around me, so why shouldn’t it happen for me, too?
I’ve dated but nothing has ever blossomed into a full-blown, real relationship. I came close once, but the timing, among other things, was never right. I recently found out that this ex “almost” boyfriend of mine has happily settled down with someone. I’d always held out hope that we’d eventually end up together, but now I know that’s never going to happen. Lately, despite my typical reliance on hope to get me through, I've been unable to shake the nagging fear that I might end up alone.

As I settle into adulthood and inch closer to the big 3-0, my friends continue to pair off. Last summer, my three closest college girlfriends, including my best friend, said, "I do". My little brother also tied the knot. Over a year ago, my younger sister got married. Nearly everyone in both my social and professional circles is either married or in a serious relationship. It's no exaggeration that I'm often the only "single" person at the table.

My friends and siblings’ concerns now include things like wedding planning, getting to know their in-laws, and saving to buy a house. Whenever couple-only topics like these come up, I automatically retreat inward, unable to contribute anything meaningful or relevant to the conversation. It’s not like I’m going to chime in and say something like “so last night my cat and I...” It feels like there’s no one in my inner circle who can relate to my reality. I feel left behind and sometimes wonder if something’s wrong with me. Why am I the only one that’s alone? Somebody has to bring up the rear. I guess there’s no reason it shouldn’t be me.

Being single definitely comes with its perks. There’s no one to complain when I don’t do the dishes or stay up too late binge watching Nashville or Grey’s Anatomy. I manage my own schedule and don’t have to factor in someone else’s needs or feelings when I make decisions. When decorating my apartment I don’t have to combine feminine and masculine elements—I can use as much pink as I want.

It's not so much that I'm consumed by loneliness, but rather I'm acutely aware that the majority of my time is spent alone. I do my best to schedule dinner dates and outings with friends but my everyday life consists of moving from one solitary state to the next. By choice, I live alone in a studio apartment. I have my own office at work and my job requires more screen time than face-to-face interaction. I’m an introvert and value my alone time. Too many social gatherings back-to-back and I become paralyzed by anxiety. But even introverts crave companionship.

I’ve never equated my self worth with my relationship status. We’re fortunate to live in a time when being single does not automatically strip a woman of her power or doom her to spinsterhood. Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy--even embrace--my single status. But when I imagine my future, I picture it with someone beside me. I think everyone--if we were truly honest with ourselves--would admit that we’re not meant to live this life alone. There are different types of life partnerships. Not everyone wants children and there are many alternative ways for women to become mothers, but I desperately want to be a wife and a mother.
Experience and maturity have provided me with insight and perspective that I didn’t have at 19 or 23. I’m no longer jealous of other people’s romantic success or constantly anxious about finding “the one”. I find myself surrounded by couples, and I can truthfully say I'm genuinely happy for them.

Despite my sincere happiness for others, I’m still frustrated by my present circumstances. I don’t want to be alone but right now that’s my reality. Even though I’m uncertain about my future, I’ve learned to put my trust in hope rather than fear. My life is not the way I pictured it. I’ve had heartaches, successes, and adventures I would have never imagined. And even though I’m afraid of ending up alone, I know the fear won’t last forever. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel—I’m sure—it’s just further away and a different hue than I always expected.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Outfit Post: Little Black Dress

When I was here last week and I saw these beautiful doors, I just had to do a shoot with it. I just needed to plan the perfect outfit. Here the Little Black Dress from Vanilia and shoes from Dune.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inspired by Hillary Clinton

While reading the 'In the Know' section from The Everygirl I found these wise words from Hillary Clinton:

If you really want to do something, if you believe you’re the right person to do it, if you think that it could make a difference, then you have to be willing to compete, to get into the arena — knowing full well that it’s going to be challenging, to say the least.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, addressing a women’s leadership forum in Boston on April 23, 2014

Love this. If you're willing to compete, go get into the arena!

The full article is on Washingtonpost.com.

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