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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

I've been away from the blog for a few days to relax with friends and family. I also took a break from studying for a few days but now that I'm starting again made it extra hard... Christmas was pretty great so I thought to share it with you all. We're lucky that we have two official Christmas Days here!
Christmas eve we were just with the two of us making a cozy three course dinner at my place, with drinks and snacks before dinner included. We made a stroll in the neighborhood before dinner because we already ate so much. ;-)

Christmas Day started with breakfast and pajamas. :)

Later I visited my dad and stepmom with my brother for dinner.

On second Christmas Day I visited my mom, stepdad and brother for a family dinner as well.

And the day after I woke up to a white Rotterdam!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope your day is filled with your special loved ones!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Market In Düsseldorf

This Sunday we went to a Christmas market in Düsseldorf, Germany. I haven't been to one for some years but this weekend I went to two as I also went to one in Den Haag with my stepmom.

It was my second time in Düsseldorf. The first time was 3,5 years ago as I was there in June. Great city!
Loved all the lights! Christmas spirit all the way!
We drank glühwein but our first cup, this one, was by far the best one. This was after we ate are giant wurst (sausage)! ;-)
And we drank eggnog for the first time. Wow! So good! I need to find a recipe for this as it's not for sale in the Netherlands.
The market was at different places in the city by walking distance. We turned around and saw the Wheel of Vision!

View from the booth.
Me taking a picture, very concentrated...


And before we headed home around 5:30PM we shared a pretzel with marzipan.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Signing Off

Today (Friday) is my last day of work before I'm going to enjoy a well deserved two week Christmas holiday break! Woo! Won't work until next year! ;-)

Before I can sit back and relax, I have to know I leave my desk and work behind with a good feeling. Here are some tips how to sign off without having the feeling you've missed something.

  • Try to finish as much as you can. I hate leaving work behind when I'm going on holiday, let alone for two weeks.
  • But relax. Try to finish the things that cannot wait until early next year. You don't want to work until 8 PM on Christmas eve and have stress on Christmas morning. Make a list and check it twice for the things that can wait or not.
  • Let people know you will be out of the office. Not everyone takes off that many days and might assume an e-mail in their box the day right after Christmas. Tell your coworkers as well as your clients/vendors who you're dealing with at the moment.
  • Discuss with your team leader & manager if you should be available during the holidays, and how much. Phone? E-mail? Just checking in a few times per day/week? This prevents surprises from both sides.
  • Put on your automatic e-mail. Last year I went on summer holidays and I remembered that I forgot to turn on my out-of-office. So, on a Sunday night, 11 PM I went to the office to climb behind my computer. You don't want that, hence this little reminder. ;-)
  • Wish everyone nice holidays. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New year! Nothing feels better when you walk out of the office than to know you gave everyone best wishes. This is also one of the things that comes to your mind the next morning... 
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gift Guide For The College Student 2014

So last Friday I posted my annual Gift Guide For The Office Girl and since then the Dagne Dover Tote arrived! Yay!

But since I'm a student now too and not just a working bee, I thought to make a gift guide for the student too.

1. The Cambridge Satchel Company - The Batchel: I wish I had this bag when I still had classes every day. But being a distance student, I still wanted to feel like one so I bought this one and got my initials engraved. It's great for college and as a work bag!

2. #Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso

3. Ugg Australia Dakota slippers - for when to keep warm while studying at home/your dorm!   
4. J.Crew Sleep Mask - when you studied (read partied) all night and need to catch up on some zzzz's during the day.

5. Sugar Paper Gold Stripe Notebook - making notes is not my favorite thing to do but how pretty is this notebook?!

6. Kate Spade Acrylic Stapled - also, something useful and that looks pretty on the desk!

7. Work It Project Planner Pad from PaperedHeartsDesign - Love making lists and being organized! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

My New Study: An Update

I've been studying BSc Business Administration via distance learning at The School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London (a whole mouthful) since early October now. I'm actually really enjoy studying because it's so diverse (I'm studying year one as fulltime, 6 courses this year) and because it triggers me to think more than just what's written in the books.

It's a lot. A LOT. So much reading. So I'm marking as I read and then revising when the chapter/topic is finished. Except when I have to read three or four chapters per topic, it feels like I never finish a topic. Luckily I get lots of support online from fellow students online. They're so nice! I also try to help them in order to answer some questions.

Just one more week of working and then I have TWO (2) weeks of Christmas holiday! Yay! Really haven't had much holiday this past year, so I really need it. I will enjoy the most wonderful time of the year and my favorite holiday. Baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, visit friends & family and relax. But, the Christmas break will be a great opportunity to catch up on some major studying. It's great that I have a few full days to do some extra studying. Especially Management and Accounting.

But first, one more week of working and then holiday!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Gift Guide For The Office Girl 2014

It's almost Christmas and that means the joy of giving gifts! I made a little gift guide that can help you shop for the sassy career & office girl in your life or maybe your coworker!

1. Dagne Dover The Tote in Onyx - This bag is currently on its way shipping from America. Monday can't come soon enough! ;-) Your everyday, all day carry all from 7 AM to 10 PM.

2. Ikea Desk Lamp - For the girl who works at home.

3. Mark & Graham Glass Paperweight - With monogram!

4. The Everygirl Travel Tumbler - For the morning commute.

5. Design Darling Monogrammed Acrylic Business Card Holder - Much prettier than the carton box they're currently in...

6. FarmhousePrintables Gold Foil Print, Everyday I'm Hustlin - Decoration and inspiration!

7.  Incase Portable Power Battery - Recently I got one of these as a gift and it's great to charge your iPhone or iPad when on the go.

8. PaperedHeartsDesign Happy and Lovely Pastel Pencil Set - She recently opened up her own Etsy shop including these cute pencils!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hosting A Christmas Party

Invitation I sent out to my colleagues

I'm hosting a (tiny) Christmas party this Friday and it's with people I've never met and people I know, but haven't met each other. It's a little get together with colleagues and our dates before our office Christmas party starts to get in the mood with food & drinks.
Can't wait to meet and to introduce everyone!

That said, I looked on the internet to find some inspiration for the perfect little party. Here are some of my inspirations:


Still looking for some party outfit ideas? See my Outfit Inspiration: Office Christmas Party ideas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Night In Amsterdam

This weekend we went to Amsterdam from Saturday to Sunday, just a little getaway. We stayed at the beautiful Park Plaza Victoria hotel with a view over Grand Central Station.

I love Amsterdam by night. Especially with Christmas decorations! It's just instantly romantic.

Before dinner we had wine at restaurant In de Waag, where I ate with my mom once before.

 For dinner we went to Dutch restaurant Moeders, which means mothers. Pictures of hundreds of moms everywhere with typical Dutch dishes. I love Dutch food!

Our hotel by night.

And some well needed breakfast after that night. ;-)


Friday, December 5, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Office Christmas Party

Next week Friday is our office Christmas party and I don't even have an outfit in mind! So it's about time for some outfit inspiration: Office Christmas Party edition.
This year we'll have drinks on a two hour boat ride and then dinner near the river. Sounds fun and I'm looking forward to spend the night with my colleagues!

Picture source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Night Of Blinding Lights

Last Friday night we had dinner at the Euromast in Rotterdam. In the five years that I live here I haven't been here and it's certainly one of the attractions and a skyline catcher.
First we went all the way up to have a round tour of the city. Awesome view! These pictures doesn't do it justice.

And the view of our dinner table. How romantic...
The food and wine were so good, truly memorable.

And a drive over the Erasmus bridge.

Champagne at the Nhow hotel.

Which had an awesome view of the Erasmus bridge again. Definitely the start of the night!!

PS: Happy December!
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