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Monday, August 14, 2017

Just Keep Swimming

I recently moved gyms and that's the best decision I made all summer. I love it there! I am spending a fortune every month, but it's so chic! They have a huge fitness space and guess what? No loud music! They have many classes to chose from and I'm attending two different yoga classes every week.

But the best part of my gym is... the indoor swimming pool! I'm such a water rat. Really feel like a fish in the water. I feel so free when I'm in there. Love how my heart is racing when I'm speeding too. It's a great cardio and muscle training work out since you use all muscles. Afterwards I feel so lean! And when I'm done with my 50 laps, I take a 15 minute steam at one of the three different sauna's available. It's truly the best workout for me and so relaxing for my mind as well.

Last Thursday I had a not so fun experience with a friend and I swam it all out. Swimming is different for me then fitness as it won't have any distractions or so many noises. It's just me and my lane.

When we were in Italy this summer, one of my favorite things to do was swimming or just spending time in the water. Ever since I was a little girl I have been good at swimming and just a love for any type of water: sea, lake or pool, you name it!

Two years ago we went to Indonesia and went snorkeling for a day. The best moment was when I saw a huge turtle swimming below me. I often think of that moment when I need to calm myself down.

So I guess swimming is more for me than just a workout: it's kind of a therapy.

If all else fails: Just keep swimming!

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