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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Eating Our Way Through Antwerp

Saturday coffee brake with a little rice cake

Last Friday I wrote that I would write another post on our trip to Antwerp, except now only with pictures of our food. And the food did not disappoint! We basically only ate Belgian foods which is of course necessary when you're visiting another country.

Friday night started with champagne in the hotel (which he brought from home, such a sweet surprise!) and then some more champagne at the restaurant. My appetizer was a shrimp croquet. So so good!

My entree was pig which recommended wine. Loved that at the menu they had all beer and wine recommendations. They had beer recommendations at every restaurant which is not that weird as Belgium is a very good wine country!

The only place I visited for the seconde time was Horte. Years ago I had lunch here with two Italian friends and also had the caesar salad and a white wine. This happens to be my favorite lunch: caesar salad, white wine and fries with mayo. Perfect! My company just made the whole experience a little sweeter. ;-)

On Saturday evening we went to "De Rooden Hoed" which we found on the internet when we looked at the hotel. We both had baked mussels which were really good! 

For main course I had rabbit. Omg so tender and tasty!

On Sunday we basically felt over eaten. The breakfast at the hotel was very big an varied, so it was hard not to try it all. Of course, we had to eat a 'sugar waffle' while we were here. We have these in the Netherlands as well, but these tasted much better. ;-)

I didn't take a picture of the lunch we had at the terrace, but I had duck salad. Yummy!

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