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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Cup Short Track In Rotterdam

On Friday evening after work we went to the World Cup Short Track Speed Skating in Ahoy Rotterdam. How cool that it was in my own city? Sometimes I was ice skating on tv. Especially long track world cups or Olympics. Because yeah, we Dutch happen to be very good at ice skating! That was also shown last Friday, where the heats of in both male and female heats, we Dutch got first place in all distances.

Shall I tell you something? I can't ice skate... my mom, stepmom, stepdad and brother can, but I can't... Still wish to learn it someday... Who knows! Friday definitely started that itch again!


It was quiet at take off and then a dance song would be played by the DJ to get us all energized an cheering. There were even disco lights for us to wave with! :P

Dutchie on the left!

Sjinkie Knegt won first place!

All in all it was such a cool experience! Way better than seeing it on tv. Lost my voice the next day from cheering, but it was all worth it!

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