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Friday, March 3, 2017

Why It's Ok To Watch Shows That Are Nothing Like Real Life

"If you keep thinking too much of what's bad, you might end up losing what's good."

TV shows are fake, ok? They're here solely for our entertainment. The characters don't repeat outfits the way we do or even react the same to break ups the way we do. Instead of dwelling on something for a long time, there are over it the "next episode" aka the next day or week.

But I never looked at shows like that. I don't stop and think like: "hey, with that junior position, how can she afford those clothes?" I'm looking at you, Younger!

Yes, apartments might be way too big for what that character might actually afford, but why not dream big and push a little harder? Eat eat eat and not work out. Gilmore Girls much? How they can eat so much, never work out and still look like that, makes me wonder. But yeah, is it really entertaining to look at girls eating carrot sticks and going to the gym each day?

Getting raises, dream jobs or the big promotion. Why moan about that instead of looking at it as a motivation? Don't be jealous of a tv character! Heck, don't even be jealous of your coworker getting that promotion instead of you. Think of it as a way how it might benefit you. If you show how happy you are for her, she might help you in the future.

Also, shows where everything goes wrong probably aren't real either and are here to make you feel better as well. "New Girl" is one of the few (along with "Modern Family") shows that actually make me LOL. Their successes make you root for the characters and their failures make you laugh at them at best or feel familiar to them at worst. It's a win-win situation! I don't mind watching shows like these.

For example when they explained Lorelei Gilmore could've never afford her house or Carrie Bradshaw could've never havre afford her New York apartment. So what? These shows are here for our entertainment and not to think of our lives for 45 minutes, no matter how delightful they are. :-)

So instead of feeling guilty to watch these shows or keep thinking: "That can never happen in real life!", just sit back and enjoy!

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