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Friday, March 24, 2017

My First Cartier: Love Ring

I still have to pinch myself. On Wednesday I wrote that my mom and I went shopping after our high tea. Well, we wen't shopping but only had one thing on our minds: Cartier. It was decided that my mom would gift me a Cartier love ring that day and my mouth dropped open. We're just talking, admiring my new Louis Vuitton and then and there she made the decision. She didn't like the ring I was wearing on my left hand (she made me take it off! :P) and went straight to Cartier after finishing our high tea.

Compared to the LV bag, it all happened so fast! A Sales Associated (another sweet one!) helped us and made me try on a couple of sizes of the ring. I knew which one I wanted (the small, yellow gold one) so that was easy. After my mom and I said 'yes' to the ring. We were seated to wait for the gift wrapping. There I filled in the registration form. 

The gift wrapping took a while she explained, because she had to heat up the wax for the seal for the paper. I mean, what a great little touch, right? She gave me the receipt, a certificate and the box (in a box, wrapped in gift paper) and put it in a beautiful red Cartier bag. The best thing? She put the red bag in a white bag (which also closed on top) so no one on the street could see what I was carrying with me. Best thing ever, really!

When I came home, I couldn't wait to unwrap everything and make pictures along as I did. So precious and delicate!

Still can't believe that this has happened to me and that my mom has gifted me the most special gift and so spontaneous too!

Waiting at Cartier

Little tables

Wrote down my personal details

Seriously, the wrapping is so beautiful!

The certificate 

Close up of my Cartier LOVE ring


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