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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March!

Last Thursday there was a 'huge' storm in the Netherlands. So 'big' that lots of trains weren't running. And because I worked in Amsterdam that day, it took me two hours to get home. I biked home the last part and well yes, it was a bit tough but I thought the storm was a big exaggerated.

Anyway, how bad the weather was the day before, how beautiful the day was on Friday, when I was working from home. When I went outside for lunch, I really felt I could smell spring in the air. Even though it was still cold.

On Monday I wrote it's only two more months until my (hopefully) last exams. Ever. But that makes me very busy and not much time for socializing... 

But maybe, admits all studying, there will be time for a little trip. Because I could use some away time from the study books...

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