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Monday, February 27, 2017

Enjoying Doing Nothing

My Sundays are unfortunately a lot busier than I wish them to be these months. Until I had my last exam May 18th, I will be studying all Sunday, every Sunday. Unlike last Sunday where we woke up late and had a nice brunch, I did study a lot. I finished all of my last topics! Proud of that. Now I have two whole months to prep for the exams. Now it starts to feel real...

But after hours of studying, my back really started to ache. Best quick fix for that? A long hot bath! I had a massage last Tuesday and I really needed that one because I had knots all over my back (and right arm! How weird!). A hot bath is long not as good as a nice sports massage, but this did the trick.

Normally I have to read a book or magazine or will scroll on my phone, but did't do any of that this time around. I just enjoyed being in the hot water with bubbles, doing absolutely nothing. Whenever do I do that? Literally never. Well, maybe when I'm snoozing off by the pool. But the last time I did that, I was in Morocco.

So two months and three weeks (who's even counting?!) to go, and then I will have more time for those sweet nothings. Until then, I will savior those lost half hour on a Sunday.


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