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Monday, February 6, 2017

Dancing Alone

Recently I bought Scandal season 1-5 on DVD. And it was only 37 euro without shipping costs. What a deal right?! Because Scandal stopped airing mid season 3 years ago and I didn't bother downloading more, I finally bought it on DVD. Always loved the show and just have to watch it again. If it's just for Olivia Pope's power quotes and dream outfits. She is, really, my spirit animal.

I started with the 4th episode of season 4 after briefly watching a few episodes from season 3 to refresh my memory. And then she said the above quote while dancing, moments before she was kidnapped that is... But I loved the moment, and I love the quote.

Of course she said it to Jake while actually dancing, but before that she said she would choose Olivia instead of Jake or Fitz. She would chose herself. "I choose me." 

Loved that moment. And a little reminder too. Choose yourself first. If someone is making you feel unhappy, choose you. If someone is doubting to dance with you, choose you. You'll be fine dancing alone.

After all... you're a gladiator in a suit.

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