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Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March

I think no one can deny the fact what happened last Friday. A girlfriend and I went to the movies so we had to sit in the dark for two hours and couldn't watch our phones. When I got home and turned on CNN to watch Obama's live speech only to turn it off minutes later when they switched segments.

But on Saturday millions of women en men united to walk a march in her or his city. There were a total of 673 marched and an estimated 4,7 million people who joined. If only I knew the Netherlands participated. There was a march in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Roermond.

On Instagram I saw so many women that I follow all over the world either joining the march or showing their contribution by posting a picture. I'm showing that I stand behind the women's march and what it stands for to write about it on my little space on the internet. I've written several times on women equality before and showed my admiration towards Hillary Clinton.

You would think that all women, no matter whom they voted for or if they're American or not would stand behind this march but instagram comments showed otherwise. A blogger that I follow who delivered a baby boy in December received an unkind comment on her picture of visiting Long Island instead of joining the march. It's so easy to leave an unkind comment on someone's instagram behind a private account.

Spread love. Not hate.

Below some of the pictured from marches all over the world from NY Times:

Washington DC
New York

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