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Friday, January 6, 2017

Healthy Food Overhaul

Although 2017 started pretty good, I did caught the flu three days ago... Not until I'm sick I value myself when I'm healthy and I should do that more. I have so much to be happy and grateful about and a healthy mind and body would be on to of that list. To be honest, the whole month of December was just a party when it comes to food and drinks and now that my body almost only asks for vitamin C, I'll put a hold to that. So no more breakfast of two slices of spelt bread with Nutella...

I LOVE bread! We Duchies have the best bread of the whole wide world and maybe eat the most bread as well. Now I want eat bread alternatives or the healthiest kind.

That means no more oatmeal as well! Just for now though, to try it out. Yesterday I bought Chia Breakfast which I'll make with almond milk and top off with some fresh fruit.

Another breakfast option would be sprouted grain bread with peanut butter or avocado.

For lunch I brought sushi nori and rice paper. The latter does has carbs in it, but way less than bread. I will fill these with veggies, sprouts and some kind of protein.

This will make me eat less carbs, less sugar (bread toppings) and more veggies. I'm on for a clean start of 2017!

PS: I finally posted to my MissWD_Fit instagram again and I'll continue to update it!



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