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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Weekend To Warm Up

This weekend will be spend with the sole purpose to warm up. The past week my toes felt so cold as my hands way too many times and I feel like I can't get warm anymore. Do you feel me? How long will this winter last?

Since we have something to celebrate we'll dress up on Saturday and go out. But, then head back inside and curl up on the couch for dinner not to leave the apartment until Monday. Sounds great right?

I also went a little crazy with my online shopping and bought three pairs of shoes which will be equally warm for my feet as stylish for the office. You see, it was a necessity! 

Next week will bring an exciting new start which I'll share with you soon. I'm so pumped for this new start (you probably guessed what it is)!

Maybe I'll go out for drinks on Friday, but the couch still looks so tempting to me... ;-)

Hope everyone will have a warm & cozy weekend!

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