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Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy December!

It's the time to be jolly!

Happy December everyone! And like on all the social media I repeat: we made it! And: let's forget 2016! Ok, the US elections made 2016 a year we all want to forget quickly, but my year was a really good one!

But, before I write a post on looking back at 2016, first look ahead of this December. It's my favorite month of the year! Because Christmas is basically enjoyed all month, the decorations, scented candles, candy and lights outside. Plus, it ends the year with a killer party on New Year's Eve!

But the thing what I'm looking forward mostly this December is our trip to Sweden! We will visit Stockholm too but we're staying one hour out of Stockholm in a cabin somewhere in the woods. With hopefully lots of snow. It will be my first Christmas outside of The Netherlands but we couldn't have picked a better country to spend Christmas in than the Nordics!

Next week I'll travel to my mom to celebrate her birthday and I've time planned to spend with some girlfriends as well. And who knows, a little city trip will come up as well...

Hope you'll enjoy December!! 

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