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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

First Do The Things...

... and then think about it.

I came across this quote yesterday and posted it on my instagram. Love to think of doing things this way, contrary to what I do most things actually. I tend to think things over. A lot. But I love for that to change a little. I remember when I'm on vacation I dance first, then think about it. "Let's go here!" Without thinking everything through. We would be walking a path, towards something on a map, but then go off the beaten path to find something that we didn't think of first. That's the fun thing about traveling, isn't it?

Unfortunately, with life, people ought to think first before doing anything. Like, really think things over at work for example before a plan is executed.

I visited a company the other week and their motto was, to execute the plan quickly, and not polish everything until it's perfect. Maybe a competitor already did it and then we're too late. And if you made a mistake, you'll have to learn from it and think what can be done better next time.

This also made me remember a story from Mor from Google, speaker at the European Women in Technology Conference back in November. She told us that when she was younger she was chosen to meet big clients and flew with her colleagues to see them. During the meeting which lasted several days, she overthought what she wanted to say. She wanted to say something so good that everyone thought that she was so clever and that it was the best thing yet. When she finally came up with something, one of the guys already said it, if not less clever than she would have said it.
Then she told us that she didn't say one word during the whole meeting, and thought about it during her plane flight back home.

I hope that by these stories you (and also myself) are inspirited to be the first one to jump, also if it's a little scary and you're afraid to make mistakes.

First dance. Then think. It's the natural order.


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