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Monday, December 5, 2016

December Read: The Sell by Fredrik Eklund

Recently I picked up the show Million Dollar Listing NY again after watching it on and off. After a few episodes I actually started enjoying it and not for the sake of watching (because who watches tv in the world of Netflix anyways?) but because I started to develop a love for the characters. Not just the private lives, witty comments and the apartments I'm in complete awe of, but how they actually make the sell. I'm a Buyer for my profession, so naturally, negotiating is my life. It's something I do daily. Weather it's for work, at a souk in Marrakech or negotiating where to eat for dinner with a friend or my significant other.

And you probably negotiate or 'sell' more than you know as well. Your kid's bedtime, vacation plans, or an idea at your work with a coworker.

I started Googling Fredrik Eklund and found out he wrote this book. Now I have to tell you, I never read a book about sales before because of two reasons:

  1. I'm not in sales;
  2. It's always so over the top American.

By reading the lines above you know that that I (and you!) am in sales because I sell myself on a daily basis. And for the over the top American thing, Fredrik Eklund is Swedish! And yes, he is over the top but if you like him on the show, you'll love how he writes this book. Even though it's co-written with Bruce Littlefield.

He writes a lot of things that I already know and are normal to me and not new. But I also highlight some of the lines (as he told me to do!) in his book and sentences that make me think. Which is the purpose of these type of books. 

Furthermore, I love his stories of when he was younger. For example how he dropped out of school to start a start-up (and failed), how he got his first buyer for an apartment and how he was selling and negotiating since he was a little kid. Also love the few Swedish sentences, since I will go to Sweden later this month!

Perfect timing!!

If you can recommend other business or sales books; I would love to read them! 

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