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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016: Trips I Took

If there is one word that I have to describe 2016 with, it's most definitely travel. Even in the last week of the year we seemed to have squeezed in one last trip to celebrate Christmas in Sweden. I will update my whole Stockholm + Sweden trip early next year.

Now I'll share all of the six abroad trips I took this year, for work and leisure:

May: Ghent, Belgium

My first trip of the year was for work to Ghent, Belgium. Even if it was just for one day, I was really happy to go because Ghent was on my list for a long time. Such a cute city! Must visit some time again for a bit longer.

May: Rome, Italy

Roma! I went to Rome, Italy on the day I had my last exam of the year. It was my second time to Rome but I saw things through totally different eyes. 

This was my first time to Austria and Vienna did not disappoint! Such a beautiful city! Clean, friendly and every corner is a worth taking a picture.

July & August: Road trip, Morocco

My road trip to Morocco was my first time to Africa. The absolute highlight of this trip was my solo climb with a guide to the top of Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain of Northern Africa. Scratch that, it was the baddest, most coolest, hardest and most rewarding thing I did in 2016.

September: Berlin, Germany

For work I went to Berlin in September. Lucky this wasn't my first time to Berlin because I barely saw anything from the city. This picture was taken from a cab!

December: Bergshamra & Stockholm, Sweden 

The last trip was to Bergshamra & Stockholm, Sweden. Seriously, Sweden is the best country to celebrate Christmas in. Literally ever house, cafe and office has a Christmas light in front of every window. Lots of houses are decorated in lights and have lit Christmas trees in the garden. Or a santa claus and reindeer. You name it, they have it. Stockholm is such a lovely city! Can't wait to share more with you very soon.

Already dreaming of all the places I want to visit next. For now, no travel plans are set but I can't wait to explore more of the world!!

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  1. You've been to so many cool places this year! I hope 2017 will bring you more great adventures! :)


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