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Friday, November 25, 2016

Reflecting And Being Grateful

On top of Mount Toubkal, Morocco 

If you're American you've probably celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and at lost of places everywhere around the world, Black Friday sales are in full swing by now.

But what I like about the idea of Thanksgiving is reflecting and standing still with the things you're grateful for.

So here is my little list of  what I've been especially grateful for in 2016:

Being Able To Climb A Mountain

When I planned the trip to Morocco, I was also looking if there were mountains nearby that I could climb. Luckily for me, the highest mountain of North Africa, Mount Toubkal with 4167 meters, was nearby. Challenge accepted. Even though it was harder than expected, I made it to the top! Being able to do this made me extra grateful for my healthy body and mind that I was able to achieve such an accomplishment. 

 Friends & Family

A lovely evening with Lindsey

I wouldn't be without my family where I am now and I wouldn't be as happy without my friends or my family. 


When I was in Rome last May

I'm grateful that I got to travel to so many countries this year. Happy that I could afford my trips but also lucky that I got invited by friends or traveled for work a couple of times. This year I visited: Belgium, Germany, ItalyAustria and first time to Africa, Morocco. Plus, I will travel to Sweden next month! That's 6 countries in one year and three of those were for the first time!

Being Able To Vote

Wearing "Madam President" by OPI to support Hillary Clinton on Election Day

Although we have no saying in American politics, the results were utterly devastating on the night of November 8th to 9th. But nevertheless, I'm grateful that we are able to vote! Our election is in March 2017 and I already know whom I'm voting for!

Wether you're celebrating Thanksgiving and/or shopping on Black Friday or not, it's always nice to reflect and think of the things you're grateful for.


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