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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello November!

It's November! Which shouldn't come as a shock to me because when my birthday is over, it's November before I can blink my eyes. Yesterday I was on my bicycle home and it started raining and the wind blew so hard, the leafs practically smashed into my face. But then, it's all better again when I come home, turn on the heat, lit a few candles, crawl under a blanket and watch an episode of Homeland. You know, I just started that series, only watched 4 episodes so far! 

I'm a big believer of new month, new beginning. And this month seriously could not have started any different than I could ever imagine. Let's see it as new beginnings, new surprises and starting over a few aspects of my life.

And even if you're not going through some major life changing changes, ;-) you could still see this month as a new start. That's how I always see the fall. The trees are shedding their old leafs, to make up for something pretty and new again come spring.

Later this month I'll go to the "European Women in Technology" summit in Amsterdam and I'm so excited! It's a network event with speakers and workshops and I can't wait to meet more women in my industry and learn from them as well. Will tell more about the event after!

Have a happy November everyone! Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice. ;-)

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