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Monday, November 28, 2016

European Women In Technology Conference

The entrance 

Last Wednesday I attended the Women In Technology Conference in Amsterdam and I'm so glad that I did and being sponsored by my work. I met super smart and powerful women throughout the day, spent the day with a lovely Swedish woman, listened to some great talks and got to ask some 1 on 1 questions with some of the speakers as well.

The thing that stuck most with me was the Bridging The Gender Gap panel at the end of the day. I spoke to two of those women after and I added them on LinkedIn. One said on LinkedIn that the talent and potential of young women will transform the industry... and the world.

Wow, how inspiring right? And another woman of the panel members sent me a message on LinkedIn that if I ever had any more questions, I could come to her. So nice of her!

What I learned from this panel is that you need to find a mentor and that female leaders will have to set an example and help other women succeed.

This day made me realize more and more that, if women work together, amazing things happen.

Will attend next year as well!!

Luckily I met Hannah from Sweden soon, so I had company throughout the day!

Google gave us lots of goodies, socks and all.

Speaker from Google.

Who knew the CEO of Booking.com is Dutch? Loved listening to her!

Some speakers showing a quote of my uptime favorite power woman: Sheryl Sandberg. 

Can you spot me?

Loved the lecture by Google: It's a men's game (but women can play it too).

Mor from Google. Got to talk to her after and she gave me some helpful advice as well!

Google made sure we didn't get hungry.

Bridging te Gender Gap panel.


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