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Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Roundup

This lovely weekend started with after work drinks with some colleagues on Friday and then, not much else. And it was great! Saturday I cleaned my apartment per usual and did a little shopping. In the evening I met my friend Mandy for dinner at a Greek restaurant.

We shared our appetizers and both chose the same main course and dessert. So much garlic but so good! 

After dinner we went for drinks!

I love waking up on Sunday morning slowly and preferably without an alarm or hearing my above neighbors walk. This Sunday unfortunately, was not one of those mornings. So get getting out of bed was particularly difficult this Sunday. However, when I woke up I treated myself to a leisurely breakfast with coffee and the International New York Times. 

After studying during the day I had a Chinese Sports massage appointment at 4 PM. It was so good! When I got home I did my nails and watched the end of "The Time Traveler's Wife". Whoosh! Pretty darn sad, even if it was the second time I saw it. Then I was in the mood to watch another sad movie so I watched "My Sister's Keeper" again. Such a beautiful movie and great actors. I love Jodi Picoult!! This reminds me, to read another book of her I have on my shelf. Maybe next month! 


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