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Friday, October 7, 2016

Staying Warm In Fall

The cold really got to me this week. On Monday and Tuesday I still wore a light jacket, only to come to the conclusion on Tuesday morning while I was already on my bike that I didn't dress warm enough! I'm really considering wearing gloves already in the morning, got my eye on a cashmere pair that I will purchase this weekend!

On Wednesday I went out for lunch and I said that every fall/winter, I forgot how cold feels and how cold it can actually get. And now it's still 8 degrees celsius in morning, imagine when it will be zero degrees or lower! I'm Dutch so used to cold winters, but still, never prepared or adjusted! Already have a nice winter coat but I might buy a new one. Lots of scarfs are in order of course and I'm also a big fan of the knitted hats!

I also wanted to postpone wearing sweaters to the office for as long as possible but from Wednesday on it just got too cold! Luckily I'm not the only one in the office whom is cold all the time! Drinking lots of tea to keep warm.

At the gym I'm getting warm of course very soon from doing cardio and weight lifting. Only to cool off again on the bike. Warm shower at home, but again, cooling off almost immediately!

Then I put on a big sweater or cardigan, put the heat on, have some dinner and then I study for a few hours. Usually with a cup of tea to warm me up. ;-) It's getting dark very soon now, around after dinner time, when I start to study. This time really feels like studying season and actually, it warms me up inside a little. This will be my last year!

At night we love to warm up by soaking in a bath or curling up on the couch with a new episode of Downton Abbey (currently in season 6!) or Younger (season 3 has just started!).

All in all, my body, and my mind, need to adjust to the fact that it is indeed fall. My favorite season of the year, cold and all!

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