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Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October!

Happy October everyone! My second favorite month has just started. Namely because my favorite season is fall and that I'll turn 28 later this month! Really weird to think of that number. I'll be officially in my late twenties. Cherishing my last two years in my twenties for sure!

The weekend started off by having drinks with colleagues straight from work. We even had the change to sit outside in the sun with our usual office view of Rotterdam!

This weekend marked the first one of October and it was perfect! Saturday was still sunny outside and I wore a big knit sweater which was still too warm. Sunday, however, it was raining all day. Perfect study weather! 

Sunday evening I watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix which was very interesting! 

Coming week it will be even colder and... sweater weather! Have this new Zara turtleneck lying around for awhile and I can't wait to finally wear it!

Have a great October everyone! 

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