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Monday, October 24, 2016

An Evening at Carré In Amsterdam

Had a great weekend and was really looking forward to this one. Actually, needed a great weekend as well. Friday we went out for dinner and drinks and we had so much fun!

Saturday, we decided on a whim to go see Dutch comedian Bert Visscher in Carré in Amsterdam. We had the very last two tickets first row in the middle. Before we went to Amsterdam we joked around that we had a big change to be picked out and called upon. During the break I wanted to say, luckily we didn't get picked out! But I held myself in.

Which was for the better because of course I got picked out by Bert! He asked me my name and asked me to stand up and hold his hand. Then he said he tried to steal my rings while he wiggled them a little. He asked where I came from (Rotterdam, which is not always a good thing to say in Amsterdam :-)), how I got there (and I pointed towards my date). Then he complimented us and asked me what I did for a living. At the end he got to tell his joke and there was really no reason that I held his hand, just for interacting with his audience.
He said "If you survive a date on the first row at Bert Visscher, you will make it". Hahaha so funny! But also sweet. ;-)

At the end of the show while he got a standing ovation I already thought he would shake my hand again which he did and nodded to my date. Afterwards a bunch of people came up to us to wish us luck. It made us laugh so much!

Really, you had to be there but it was a great experience. And the theatre Carré in Amsterdam is magical!

Afterwards we went for drinks in a random pub in Amsterdam which had the best friendly vibe.

And Amsterdam is so romantic at night...


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