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Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Fall - Free From Retrograde!

Yay, it's fall! My favorite season is here! Fall means layers, and early fall doesn't require jackets yet. Hopefully it stays dry for a little while longer. Plus, of course everything pumpkin flavored, darker shades of red nail polish and beautiful colored leaves on the ground. Love walking in the woods around this time and just be mesmerized by nature's beauty. I also think cities (like New York) look way more beautiful around this time of year. I've been three times in NYC and the last time it was in November which is maybe the best time to visit the city. Ok, and maybe early spring too. ;-)

But fall brings more than PSL, it also stands for change. Change from summer into colder, icier weather and then into winter. I always feel like fall is the time for change as it's always been a new school year. This year around, change is just around the corner again and I can't wait to figure it all out what that exactly means. 

Yesterday was the first official day of fall and apart from pictures somewhat like above, I also saw pics of Mercury being free from retrograde. I have heard about it in a Hilary Duff song, but never understood the meaning of it so I looked it up. Apparently when Mercury is in retrograde it means bad news. It's associate with associated with confusions, delay, and frustration. Ugh, don't want any of that! Next time it happens is from December 19 till December 31st. So unfair during Christmas!

Hope everyone's fall will be as beautiful as the picture above, and we have the stars with us!

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