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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Get Back Into (Distance) Study Mode After Summer (The Legally Blonde Way)


Tomorrow marks the first day of fall and fall always means two things: everything pumpkin flavored and the start of school/college!

I'll start my senior year officially on October 1st, but I wanted to get a head start and start a few weeks earlier. However, that was easier said than done. The last few weeks have been a heat wave in the Netherlands. All I wanted when I got home from work and on the weekends was to go outside and enjoy the weather. Last weekend it finally felt a little bit more like fall was just around the corner and on Sunday I started and finished my first topic of a course.

But that took some time to really get into the mood for studying. And since I'm studying distance, I have to be my own cheerleader.

Have your own orientation week! As distance students, we don't get an orientation week where we can meet our pears, have fun activities and ease back into study mode. In that week you can do the following things:

Here are some tips that will get you back into study mode after summer:

1: Clean your study place.

The first thing I did a couple of weeks ago was to make room for my new books and clean up my desk so that I could sit down and start fresh. Last Sunday when I took the actual step of studying, it wasn't as hard because the place was inviting for books.

2: Make a plan.

After I finished my first topic I planned out the coming week of the other first topics of the courses that I wanted to finish. I have an actual paper planner where I write down all my tasks and 'homework'. Whatever you write down is your commitment to yourself.

3: Watch one of these Back To School movies.

Every year just before school starts since high school, I watch 'Legally Blonde'. The scene that she buys a Macbook in her bunny suits and that her schoolmates say: "Are those books that she is holding?" are classic. And of course the scene when she is studying for the LSATs and turning down parties. Currently I'm watching 'Gossip Girl' again and I'm in season three where they're attending university. If these two won't help you to get into the mood, watch 'Gilmore Girls'. I'm such a big fan of the show, I have them all on DVD. Now all seasons are on Netflix and I can't wait for the coming four episodes! Rory is lithely the best back to school motivation girl out there!

4: Just start.

One of these days you just have to pick up your books, open them, read and make notes. For me starting last Sunday made me realize again how much I actually like studying. I started with one of the topics I would enjoy most: Advertising and promotion in brand marketing.
Start with an easy chunk and the rest will follow.

I'm so far in now, my last year! I'll make sure this will be my most enjoyable study year yet! Never say never, but it will probably be the last year I'm a student as well. So I'll make the most out of it!

Now get up, walk to your desk and start studying!

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