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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beauty Review: Ole Hendriksen Power Peel


In June I shared that I wanted to change my skin care plan on my road to perfect skin, and I added a few products and tossed a few as well. A few weeks ago I read about the Ole Hendriksen Power Peel and then I just had to try. I bought one package and already after one try I saw some changes. Fine wrinkles were gone and my skin was smoother overall. Since the package is pretty expensive and I had to order it from the UK, I only use it once every four weeks instead of every two weeks as recommended. Decided to write a review for the blog!

How I experience the steps:

The scrub:

This smells like breakfast! Love the smell of oatmeal and honey and the texture of the grains. It has an overall clayish texture. Apply on wet face and wash and dry.

The peel:

It is has a jelly texture and smells like lemon. So good again! I like this step as I really feel that's working. It really does stings a little so don't be afraid. Apply on dry face and don't remove.

The mask:

The mask comes to the rescue as I really feel the sting burn on my face. It has a super smooth texture and again lovely smell. I leave this on for 15 minutes.

How my face looks after:

Pink!! Like I stayed in the sun too long and burnt my face.

The Verdict:

Yes, I will buy again after I ended the package. I have three more months to go! The next day my little spots are way less and has a healthy glow. The whole experience takes a while and feels really nice. Like I'm really cleaning and peeling my face, much more than a normal scrub and mask. However, the price! Wish all three products would come in larger tubes!


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