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Monday, August 22, 2016

How To Have A Better Monday

We all have heard of the "Sunday Scaries" before. It feels like that term is popping up now more than ever. You know, the dreadful feeling of that the weekend is almost over, you have to get to bed early because Monday is just around the corner and you have to be fresh to start your work/school week right.

I have just a few Sundays left until university starts again. Then I won't have time for endless Netflixing, but I'll have to study all day. Whether I study or not, I'll make the most of my day so that I have a relaxed Sunday eve.

I rather don't see Sunday evening as the end of my weekend, but the start of a new week!
Here is how I spend most Sundays, or at least incorporate these into my weekend, so that I start my Monday off right:

Clean your home:

First of all, I clean my apartment all the way on Saturday morning including laundry and changing my bed linnen. This way I will start my weekend clean & fresh!

Be active:

Go for a walk or run outside, go to the gym or follow a yoga class online. Being physically active will make you instantly feel better and give your brain more oxygen.


And my relaxing I don't mean watching your tv aimlessly. Take a bath, read a book, cook a nice dinner, have breakfast in bed, cuddle your pet. Anything that gets you away from your screens (phone included!). This also means to take study breaks every few hours. Another thing that I love is to take a 20 minute nap, but no later than 3 PM or else I won't be able to sleep at night.

Beauty routine:

Every Sunday I have a facial scrub and mask which both work relaxing and a necessity for the upkeep of your skin. I also polish my nails (in yet another shade of red) to start my week with a fresh manicure. Chipped nails is a big no-no for me!

Meal prep:

I used to meal prep way more than I do now. It would consume hours from my Sunday. After a few weeks I considered that that meal plan wasn't right for me. However, I still do some meal prepping on Sunday night. For example, make a smoothie for the next morning, or chop the ingredients for the smoothie and make overnight oatmeal.

Pack your back: 

Whether you go to school or to work, pack your bag for the next day. I always pack two bags, my work bag and my gym bag. I hang my gym bag at the door so I won't forget and I already put a bottle of water and throw in a snack like an apple in my work bag.

Plan your outfit:

You can already hang up the outfit you want to wear on Monday but at least plan what you'll wear. It will shave off minutes from your Monday morning and maybe a lot of stress as well. And plan a killer outfit! Wearing something that will make you look and feel great makes the Monday morning already a little less bad.

Go To Bed Early:
It might seem like the obvious and unnecessary to state, but go to bed at a time lik you would on any weeknight. Get in that routine so you'll have plenty of sleep!

Have a hearty breakfast:

And lastly but maybe the most important is to eat breakfast! Like I already wrote I will start my day with a green smoothie and then I'll have overnight oatmeal. Overnight oatmeal will take zero time to prep and you can even eat it cold if you like. Add 4 table spoons (40 grams) with 150 ml of almond milk or any kind you like and put it in a jar. You can add cinnamon and for example half a banana or a handful of blackberries. Seriously, you'll thank me later!

Do you have any tips or routines that you'll do on Sunday to have a better Monday?

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