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Monday, August 15, 2016

Casablanca & Rabat, Morocco

Day one of Morocco! We flew to Marrakech but just to sleep there and then drive all the way to Casablanca, the capital of Morocco the next day. We visited the biggest mosque of Morocco, Hassan II Mosque. It was so beautiful from the inside, and cool too! Outside it was 40 degrees and because we had to take our shoes off it felt nice on our bare feet. It holds place for 25K people from which 5K can be women as they has to go pray upstairs...

With the girls in front of the mosque.

Beautiful from the inside.

Me in front of one of the big windows. 

Below, they had a huge hamman, where the women could go bathe.

After that we drove to Rabat, which had house of blue and white because it was near the see. So cute! 

Mozaïek, right on the streets of Rabat.

Turquoise sea in Rabat.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V.


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