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Friday, July 22, 2016

When Our Trip Became Political In Vienna, Austria

I want to share all of the sides we saw in Vienna, Austria. Also, the maybe a little bit darker ones. While we were walking, en route to the Albertina statue, we stumbled upon a demonstration. I asked a police officer what was going on and he explained that the group on the left was demonstrating for a family consistent of man, woman and kids, while the group on the right was more demonstrating against them. This group had signs made that anyone can form a family, so also of course gay people. No need to explain I think on which side we stood with.

I took pictures of the people who were protesting and they were happy to show me their signs, and I took some pictures of police officers, who were photographing for themselves as well.

Note that this was a non violent protest from both sides and that the police officers were there, just in case.

More love, less hate.

After I took this shot, the officer with the colored glassed said "Fraulein." as a warning. Haha!

Guys, watching the demonstration.

Albertan against the beautiful sunlight, it was so warm there!



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