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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Summer Travels: Morocco & Local!

Glad to be finally revealing on Dashingly Elevating that for my summer travels I'll be going to Morocco! And I'll leave later this month, just a few short weeks from now! So excited!!

This will be my first time in Africa and I couldn't be more thrilled!! First we'll tour around the country and visit the king cities and stop at other places as well. Among other cities we'll see: Casablanca, Rabat, Fès, Beni Mellal and of course Marrakech. 

Thinking about what to wear can be quite tough. First it will be very hot there, but it's also a Muslim country. Last year we went to Indonesia, and although Java is a Muslim island, I was no exception or in no danger by wearing shorts or showing my shoulders. For Morocco however I read that as a female, you cannot show too much skin. And even people are used to tourists in the bigger cities wearing short shorts and tops, I don't think it's respectful to the country. Also read at several female travel blogs that those women were harassed all the time by Moroccan men on the streets, even when they dressed appropriately. 

I won't be alone for a single moment during the road trip, so not afraid of anything I can't handle.

Can't wait to smell and taste exotics foods, meet locals, take lots of pictures and see beautiful mosques and sceneries!!

The most exciting part of the holiday will be at the end. I will stay three days longer so that I can climb Mount Toubkal, which is with its 4167 meters the highest mountain of Northern Africa!! I hired a local guide so I won't be hiking alone. And because it's summer I don't think I'll be alone all. At least not at the base camp where we'll spend the night in tents. Hope to meet nice other hikers!

I already had hiking boots from our trip to Zürich, Switzerland last year, but I think those are a bit too small and too wide to survive on this trip. Last weekend I bought LOTS of stuff. Boots, trekking poles, water bladder, clothes, socks, head flashlight, sleeping bag and special energy bars. Plus, an Osprey backpack I ordered off the internet came in Monday! Spent most of my online research on the backpack and found this American brand with lots of great reviews and tutorial videos. "Where are all these straps for?!" Haha! The backpack was sent to my office and a colleague helped me with how to wear and strap it.

For August I didn't plan any trips (yet) but in September we'll go to an island in the Netherlands: Texel! Haven't been there in years but since The Lonely Planet put it on their Best in Europe list, it was back on my radar again. We'll stay at the most luxurious little hotel + spa and will go to the beach, swim, hike, go to the spa and pretty much relax!

This hotel looks so pretty!

Nice to have something to look forward to after the Morocco trip!

Have you ever been to Morocco?

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