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Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy July!

Summer, where are you?! We had just a few beautiful spring days, but the past few weeks it feels like autumn again. That's why our weekend to Vienna was extra welcoming for us because it was 27 degrees throughout. I have so many summer skirts, dresses and blouses in my closet that just hang there patiently to be worn to the office and on evenings out.

It's raining as we speak. The more reasons to be longing to my next destination... I will soon reveal what my summer holiday will be! Weird to think about it, that will be in only three weeks! Eek!!

This month also marks the birthday of my brother and one of my best friends so celebrations will be in order!

And I am so ready for after work drinks spent outside, relaxing weekend mornings spend on my balcony and staycations in my city. And of course, obligatory ice cream!

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