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Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sweet Sweet Weekend

with my mom

What a sweet weekend I had! It was filled with loved ones, friends and summer weather! Plus, a lot of cakes!

Friday during a work lunch we ordered Oreo cheesecakes for the table. Omg so good! I love everything Oreo so I am glad they have these at my favorite restaurant in Rotterdam. And I'm happy our new office is so close by that restaurant!

Friday after work we got home around 6PM and had Martini on the couch, perfect way to unwind.

Saturday afternoon my mom & stepdad came over and of course we tried out Snapchat (see pic above). It was their first time and we had to laugh so much! I also bought apple pie, so even more cake!

Later that day I went for a well deserved hour-long sports massage. Wow, I had some stubborn knots on my back and it really hurt to get them out. Next day I woke up with a sore back, but I know it's good for me!

On Sunday Lindsey and I met for vegan high tea1 It was her birthday last Thursday so this was a sweet way to celebrate. So much good food!

After the high tea I went for a little shopping and finally bought a new bikini! I do like shopping for bikinis, but because I was just so late in the season, they barely had sizes left. Luckily they had a black one that I love!

Sun protection is key for young skin! I will be going to Morocco later this week (eeeeeeek!!) and it will be 45 degrees there (!!!). I bought a special sun cream for my face with a super high SPF for the first time, but I think it's really necessary. I won't bring any other day moisturizer and I tend to get sun burnt really easy and wanted to have a product designed for the face.

You can read my beginning of my Road To Perfect Skin and this sun cream for face will fit perfectly in my plan.

So after this weekend filled with sweet goodness I will start my day again with green smoothies. Just one more week until my holiday!


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