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Monday, July 4, 2016

A Lazy Sunday

A few weekends ago I had one of the laziest Sundays in a while. Wish most of my Sundays looked like that one! 

I'm not a big breakfast in bed eater but I love drinking coffee in bed. And that Sunday I even ate toast in bed and that wasn't so bad either! ;-)

My cat always meows in front of my bedroom door and on weekends I will let her in while I'm still in bed. I had magazines and was scrolling on my Mac for blog posts to read.

I'm not a big magazine reader anymore because I simply don't have the time for it. But I still like to read business magazines, ones that don't age out easily like fashion magazines. Great issue of Forbes last month about America's richest self made women and Harvard Business Review about how to be indispensable. The HBR magazines are to be kept in my opinion. Also love reading The Financial Times on weekends! 

I stayed in bed until it was times for lunch and because the weather wasn't so good for time of year, I did not have to feel guilty.

Will miss these type of Sundays a lot when Senior year of University will start in September. I should  cherish these Sundays until then and have them as much as possible!


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